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A Dad’s Guide to Healthier Living

Being a dad is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and rewarding things in the world, but it can also be quite challenging from time to time – especially if you have a full-time job and don’t have too much time just for yourself. Giving your best to live a healthier life is of the utmost importance, but don’t worry if you don’t really know how to make that happen, because we’re here to help you out. Here are four crucial steps towards embracing a healthy lifestyle, so check them out and enjoy your transformation!

Avoid junk food and cook your own meals

Yes, we know that opting for junk foods is a modern man’s reality due to a busy lifestyle, but you should know that there are ways to stay healthy and enjoy your nutritious meals no matter how much time you have. Cheeseburgers, French fries, frozen meals, nuggets and chips, and similar foods are the easiest choice, but they are rich in empty calories, flavor enhancers, and artificially added sugars, so be sure to stay away from them and make your own meals. You can even include your kids in the whole process, as homemade pizzas will taste even better once your little helpers take part in the kitchen. All kinds of salads that feature fresh vegetables are always a great idea, too.

Drink enough water on a daily basis

Apart from balanced diet, sufficient water intake is also an essential factor when it comes to our overall well-being – especially when we realize that human bodies are made of up to 60% water. Drinking enough of this precious liquid on a daily basis is crucial, and it gets even more important if you want to lose some weight, too. If you start drinking more water than usual, it’ll fill you up to some extent, which means that you won’t be able to eat as much as you probably would. Besides that, only a properly hydrated body can perform well in any physical activity, particularly when speaking of intense workouts in extreme condition. Dehydration can also trigger headaches and migraines in some individuals, so be sure to have a bottle of water with you no matter where you go.

Stay physically active no matter what

Even though a proper diet and sufficient water intake are extremely important when talking about improving the quality of your life, the fact is that you should be physically active as well. Apart from helping you stay fit, exercising regularly can also reduce your chances of dealing with obesity, diabetes, and numerous heart conditions. If cardio is your cup of tea, you can always go for group fitness classes and sweat it out together with other cardio lovers. Such sessions usually include boxing, abs/core, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata, and beginner cardio, which are perfect for all fitness enthusiasts. In addition, don’t forget to invest in good gym shoes and compression clothing, you’ll instantly see a fantastic improvement!

Make sure you get enough sleep every night

You’ve probably already heard that getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night is absolutely essential, but is it really possible when the kids are small and you have to get up early? Well, sometimes it is and most often it isn’t, but you should certainly give your best to sleep as much as you can. A good night’s sleep can be compared with hitting the restart button on your computer, as it can make a huge difference in your mood, energy levels, functionality, and health in general. It’s vital for recharging your body’s systems and helping you perform properly, so try hard to sleep tight every night. Even a 30-minute daily nap can be extremely beneficial, so don’t skip it and catch some z’s whenever you can!

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to stay healthy and improve the overall quality of your life, even if you’re a busy dad who doesn’t have a lot of free time just for himself. Just remember that everything is possible when you work hard for it, and you’ll make it happen, without a doubt!

Peter is a parenting writer for Joyful Source magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


  • Tracy Chong

    Well-said and I totally agreed with what you share in the article. 🙂 Lack of any of those, I can feel the difference on my body already.

    “..Just remember that everything is possible when you work hard for it, and you’ll make it happen, without a doubt!”

  • D

    Hi there! These are all great tips, tips we all know but do not actualy do them. It is nice to read them as a reminder that we should be more consistent with our own health and keeping it balanced. Thank you for this reminder! Note to self : More water tomorrow! Drink at least 1,5 ltrs 😉

    D, xo || from

  • Jojo Hua

    These points are all so important and a good reminder. I’m trying really hard right now to cut out processed and junk food and eat more natural foods without adding too many condiments etc. I’m currently doing good with my water intake but need to pay more attention to being active! It is so hard to get started but I’m sure I will get there someday!

  • Elizabeth O

    This is a really great post. You gave some great tips on living a healthier lifestyle. Drinking water is the best tip for anyone trying to be healthy, it has so many benefits!

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