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    Too Young for School?

    Too young and not ready yet for enrolling the Elementary School stage. That’s the fact you can find on Attar, my son. He’s now on the second stage and about to reach 7 years old while he was 5.10 when entering Elementary School. And the other fact is that he has got less satisfying results on some of his evaluative exams. Is this likely to blow my head up? Maybe. But I’d rather get my feet firm on the ground and look ahead. Some friends and relatives had warned us beforehand about the consequences of enrolling class prior to the standardised age, 7 years old of age. Quite staggering, respective…

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    Many Ways for Blessings to Come

    Sustenance in the form of money might come from any unexpected direction. Not everything can be understood with sense-making and logic circumstances to find where it comes from. Here is an awesome sharing of thoughts from Jamil Azzaini, the inspirator of Sukses Mulia. A friend once asked, “How can I not be so busy seeking for money, but instead money itself is so busy seeking for me?” “Take two ways simultaneously, the professional path and the spiritual one.” The professional way is when we set the skill and continue to sharpen it to become experts in that field. While the spiritual path, do the activities commanded by the Almighty who…

  • Motivation

    Love the Hardship

    Adam Guettel was a successful young man who raised musical theater. He had a remarkable talent in theater. Everyone praised his prowess and many magazines praised him as a genius boy. At the tender age of thirteen, Adam had been predicted to sparkle as a television star. Unexpectedly, he just resigned himself from the opera soloist and said that his voice had been broken. In fact, what really happened was that he was scared because he could not bear the pressures being a very popular one. “I pretended my voice had changed,” he admitted as he turned to music composer later. Many people love problems as they have got them…

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    Support Your Kids Facing New School Season

    Holiday is over. New school’s annual study season has begun. For a large number of students, holiday is a time for fun after a year of undergoing one study level. For them, vacation is vacation. What about the new challenge on the next level will be, they don’t wanna think about it. Only as the holiday ends, they begin to be anxious about the new atmosphere they must face. Starting from the dread of not being able to adapt to new buildings, new friends, even new subjects. Also, worried about not getting clinging friends as they had before. As parents, we always have to guide our children who are experiencing…

  • Family Time

    Reasons Why Dads Should Stick around Their Boys

    As I had to move out of town for my assignment work early in this year, my two kids (10-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy) shown up a retention to my ‘decision’. Thankfully –as time went by, Rasha –the elder one- proved that she could get along with the situation. But Attar -her brother- didn’t walk on the same way. He kept whimpering and clinging to me more. At the outset, I didn’t take it a big deal as I thought time would eliminate his whining behavior, until I found myself mistaken. As my wife told me, I found that the absence of me had brought about behavioral degradation on my…

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    Ramadhan Fasting Completion

    Ramadhan has just slipped away, I’ve got through the righteous month away from home, and Rasha –my daughter- made a significant improvement of her Ramadhan good deeds. Well, those brought about a coincidence that seemed to have made my feet so light to step for the upcoming days, and I do hope this would be keeping so. Indeed, the focal point of this situation was what Rasha reached out during Ramadhan. As all Muslims should do in this kind of honorable month, Rasha has made a good step in her fasting deed learning. Yeah, she’s only 10-year-old and in 4th grade of elementary school girl and yet to be compelled…

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    I See that Good Thing, Dad

    In the phase of rapidly growing mental, emotional, and psychological aspects, a son goes out by igniting his eyes on his dad. All his dad’s behavior, gestures, speeches, and habits are likely the things to be absorbed into his mind, even planted for the longest period of his whole life. A dad must be aware and alert for this circumstance. Take a good planning before going out for an act. However it is nothing to worry about. This could indeed be the golden moment to disburse good values to his son. Moreover, in the long run it will strengthen the relationship between dad and son. I have a little experience…

  • Motivation

    Fortune Teller

    A young man came to a fortune teller. “When do I become a successful person?” He asked the fortune teller and he was answered: “At the age of 30.” The man then left. Exactly true, at the age of 30 he had turned himself a successful entrepreneur. He zealously came back to the fortune teller he had met many years before. He was very grateful for having been foretold that he would succeed. Then what did the fortune teller say? “In fact, what made you successful was yourself. My forecast would have missed if you hadn’t broken your back to seek your own succeess.”

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    King of Bloopers

    Is there any of basketball fans who doesn’t recognize Michael Jordan? This guy has remarkably been distinguished as the greatest basketball player for all the time. When in the glorious periods with Chicago Bulls in the era of 1990’s, Jordan had again and again helped Bulls embrace the NBA champions rings – of American basketball competition which has been the most famous one in the world. His breakthroughs had even flown up in the air as a legend. Moreover, he was crowned the richest basketball player. Anyway, do you ever have any idea about what this 198-centimeter-tall guy said in a television interview? “I had been counted on for more…

  • Motivation

    Work and Play

    Jennie S. Bev, a successful author, columnist, business woman from Indonesia who lives in the United States, said that for her every second is to work and to play all together. “On weekends, I came up to stay at a hotel sitting and listening to others, or on another day you could find me speaking about this and that on a seminar. On some occasion, I sometimes just sit in the amusement park without doing anything … ” “Actually, what am I doing?” Jennie said, when she was working, she was best at the same time playing. When she plays, she’s working. Both overlapping activities would obtain fruitful productive results…