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Broken Racquet

A little boy had unintentionally broken his dad’s tennis racquet. In a fear of being punished by his dad, he desperately hid the racquet beneath the bed in his bedroom. Each time his dad got inside the bedroom, the boy constantly showed a fearful attitude. On purpose he sit on the bed covering the racquet beneath in order to distract his dad from getting closer to the bed, so his dad would never think that the racquet was indeed around.

Consequently, the boy always tried to manage to move the racquet from one place to another as frequent as he could hoping his dad couldn’t find it.

Things were going fine that far. He kept his slip-up disguised before his dad. However, he always got his feelings insecure over that time. A guilty feeling kept appearing and hung over him. Anywhere he went, he could never get rid of the shadow of the broken racquet.

The more spots he moved the racquet to, the more nervous he was. It also meant the less rooms left he hadn’t taken to hide it. As he couldn’t stand being suppressed in this situation, he finally decided to set the racquet free and go see his dad with so much fear, however, without having no idea about what else to do.

In front of his dad, the boy showed him the racquet and said, “Dad, forgive me for having broken your racquet. I’m ready for your punishment.” Hearing the confession of his son, the dad got down on his knees and said, “Son, I’ve known about it since last week when it happened. All this time I’ve just been waiting for you to come up with your guts and confess it. I’m telling you now I’m about to say that I forgive you.”

The last phrase of dad really relieved his feeling and set him free.

“Admitting a mistake is the beginning of an immense conduct, and taking a responsibility of our mistake is a big leap toward happiness.”

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