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    Sound of Silence

    The sun is surely sliding away over the horizon. The sky is getting dark going straight down to my surroundings and around. And I’m here alone in my room, away from home. Cricket choirs are singing outside, breaking the silence in the crawling night. I close my eyes just for a while, and then I get them wide opened. I try to believe what I’m getting on this time. Once I had to move out of my hometown to work, now I am having the opportunity to take my time a little loose –at least I can distinguish the difference with the circumstances I had before. I know I have…

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    Parents are to Keep Learning too

    As my kids are growing up, I once ever thought that I have come up to be a complete parent. My experiences in raising my kids –alongside with my wife, of course- for my ten and six-year-old kids had led to bringing me out as a perfect parent, I thought. But I then found I was wrong. Now I realize that there’s no limit of time for parents to keep learning in guiding and keeping an eye on their children, following each stage of their life. This is one priceless moment that opened my eyes how I should realize that a parent is a never-ending learner. Three days ago, on…

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    Dad is 50 Miles Away

    It’s been three weeks long I haven’t got in touch with my blog since the last time I posted my story. There was one thing that got me to pay a full attention and distracted me from my blogging activity. Yeah, the bank I work for had assigned me to a new place out of my town. So I had to prepare things I needed for my moving to my new office. I moved to a smaller town than the one I have been living in all the time, my home town. It’s not so far away indeed which is only about 80 km away (50 miles) and takes me…

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    Kids Rule the Internet

    Time has changed. Since the internet began to be widely known by societies by the end of 1990’s, the acceleration had been increasingly slithering everywhere and unstoppable. At this time, you don’t need to ask about it. The dynamics and every detail of development of internet have penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives. Moreover, the presence of gadget technology makes the world just in the easy grip.

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    Morsels of Life

    There are some pieces of little things of my past which are still kept in my mind. Very clearly recorded so that I can easily replay them. Somewhat, little things that are not useful to others, even to myself. However, they are meaningful, especially for me personally. How is the meaningful value supposed to be? Let me tell you, when I’m turning out with the little things, my mind will right away jump to the future, many years from now. I imagine if in the future I will suddenly remember what I am experiencing at that future time, or may feel a kind of déjà vu, I will know how…

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    Dad’s Role in Growing the Kids

    Many people say a mom has a strong bond with her children. I think that’s true. Children had once resided in their mom’s wombs before they were born into the world, from where there came the bond between them. So what about dad as the ‘external party’? Dads, no need to worry about it. Dads also take a prominent role in the growth of kids. The emotional bond between dads and kids has a very large effect to the emotional intelligence of kids which will be brought up to their adulthood. Hence it is of great magnitude to build an INTERACTION between dads and kids which is already on the…

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    Indonesian Father’s Day

    Father’s Day in many countries in the world is celebrated on Sunday of June’s third week, comprising countries like U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and others. What about in Indonesia, my country? Far different from those said above, Father’s Day is ticked on the calendar at November 12. It has left a distinctive note to the assignment of Indonesian Father’s Day on the respective date. The ‘history’ has been still quite young as it was declared just ten years ago (on November 12, 2006) within the authority of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at that time. The Father’s Day which is clearly attributed to male had been declared by women instead.…

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    Internet di bawah Kendali Anak-anak

    Zaman berubah. Sejak internet mulai dikenal masyarakat secara luas pada akhir 1990-an, akselerasinya semakin ke mana-mana, tak terbendung. Kini, jangan ditanya lagi. Dinamika dan detail perkembangan internet sudah merasuk ke setiap sendi kehidupan masyarakat. Apalagi dengan hadirnya teknologi gadget yang membuat dunia berada dalam genggaman. Bagi mereka yang saat ini berada dalam range usia produktif, katakanlah usia 30-an dan 40-an, internet bisa dikatakan melengkapi kebutuhan mereka dalam beraktifitas, berkreasi, dan berproduksi. Dengan ‘kematangan’ pola pikir yang dimiliki, internet mereka olah dan ajak berdampingan untuk dijadikan supporting tool bagi interest mereka. Tapi bagi anak-anak, katakanlah mereka yang berusia di bawah 18 tahun, lain lagi. Mereka yang tengah berada dalam masa pertumbuhan…

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    Misi Besar di balik Hal Kecil

    Terkadang, kita tidak menyadari ada misi besar tersimpan di balik sebuah hal kecil. Bahkan seringkali yang terasa adalah semuanya bergulir apa adanya sebagai rangkaian rutinitas belaka. Contoh hal kecil itu adalah seperti yang saya rasakan. Dua minggu lalu anak bungsu saya membuka lembaran baru dalam hidupnya: masuk Sekolah Dasar (SD). Khusus hari pertama itu, orang tua dipersilakan menemani putra dan putri mereka bersekolah. Ya, semacam open house. Orang tua bahkan diperbolehkan masuk ruang kelas melihat kegiatan belajar-mengajar. Ini sejalan dengan himbauan resmi pemerintah yang mewajibkan orang tua menemani anak mereka pada hari pertama masuk sekolah. Demikian pula saat para siswa berkumpul di teras kelas untuk menerima pengarahan dari guru dan…

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    Mudik Buat Apa Sih?

    Selamat Idul Fitri ‘tuk teman-teman semua. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Sori saya baru mengucapkannya sekarang. Itu karena pekan lalu waktu saya tersita habis untuk mudik ke kampung halaman mertua saya di Magetan, Jawa Timur. Kegiatan blogging pun terpaksa saya liburkan selama saya berada di desa. Seperti kebanyakan anggota masyarakat yang merayakan Lebaran, saya pun turut serta dalam suasana hiruk-pikuk mudik. Suasana yang saya inginkan, mengingat dahulu saya tidak pernah merasakan mudik. Mengapa? Karena saya asli ‘orang kota’ yang tak punya ‘desa’. Nah, setelah saya menikah dengan orang yang punya ‘desa’, kini saya jadi bisa merasakan mudik. Setelah bisa merasakan sendiri seperti apa mudik itu, saya kini tahu suka dukanya.…