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    Labels on Items: No Missing and Cool!

    All this time, each time my two kids asked me to mark their school equipment – or as instructed by their teachers – in order not to get missed or overlooked, I always had them marked with a board marker manually. Names of my kids written down on pencil box, tumbler, towel when swimming, and even underwear for an outbound activity. It did work. That hand-writing kept the belongings detectable and stuck around. However, it only left one thing: no aesthetics. Yes, that was just less beautiful to look. It sometimes needed some artwork touch on goods, even kids’ school equipment. That was then. It all changed as I found…

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    Holiday is Coming

    Hello to all super dads! School holiday is coming. Don’t have yet any holiday ideas? No worries. How about taking kids to positive activities to make them feel happy. Here are some ideas for kids’ holiday. Let’s check them out! You know, dads have important roles for their children. All of kids will learn or imitate their dads and moms. So, as a parent you must do positive things to teach the children. Usually, dads do their works to earn a living but they often don’t have much time with their families. As a dad, you should have free time for kids’ holiday. You can do some positive activities such…

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    Year End’s Music Recital

    Indonesia Young Musician Performance 2017. It has been what my kids keep looking forward to in every other year. Yes, it’s a joint music concert for kids who are in beginner phase of learning music. A place for them to show their talent playing piano, violin, or cielo –instruments most played in such a music event. Initiated and arranged by Staccato, a music magazine, this concert has been expected by every participant from all over Indonesia since it’s held in marathon series which take place in many big cities in Indonesia consecutively, including my hometown, Surabaya. And my kids participated in this event for the second time from the first…

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    Rookie Swimmer Boy

    Attar –my son- loves to go to swimming pools. Each time when we had weekend out of town, he always picked the pool checking the first thing. No matter we got ourselves tired after a long trip and just checked in, he always rumbled along the hotel’s alleyways and got set with his swimming suit. Hmm.. he must be good at swimming? To be true, not really 😀 Contrary to his big crazes at the pre-swimming actions, he came up to showing no guts as he stepped on the poolside. All ablaze passions vanished, and the boy who had just celebrated his 7th birthday last week was likely to look…

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    Kids and the Piano: Recalling the Initial Struggles

    In my eyes, playing piano is beautiful. Mastering this type of music instrument might auspiciously put our feet on many steps ahead, I believe, since it’s so much likely to be an added value embedded to someone when coming into future thresholds in life, like new schools and even work circumstances. Indeed, having piano skill had been a very long-lost dream of me and my wife, coincidentally, long before we were united as a family. As we had never had the chance to make it real, we intended to deliver the valuable favour to our kids. And thankfully, we could avail ourselves of it this time. Three years ago, Rasha,…

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    Ramadhan Fasting Completion

    Ramadhan has just slipped away, I’ve got through the righteous month away from home, and Rasha –my daughter- made a significant improvement of her Ramadhan good deeds. Well, those brought about a coincidence that seemed to have made my feet so light to step for the upcoming days, and I do hope this would be keeping so. Indeed, the focal point of this situation was what Rasha reached out during Ramadhan. As all Muslims should do in this kind of honorable month, Rasha has made a good step in her fasting deed learning. Yeah, she’s only 10-year-old and in 4th grade of elementary school girl and yet to be compelled…

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    Failing is not a Loss

    “Dad, I didn’t make it…” That was what my son said just last week after getting done his piano playing on a music competition. Alongside of his elder sister at the same contest who ended up as the first winner at her category, my boy didn’t get his name on the stage call for the winning inaugural ceremony. However, he was kept awarded a consolation trophy in appreciation of his participation. And those words were all what I had waited to hear…

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    English First, My Boy

    I am an Indonesian. I and my family speak Indonesian language in our daily life. To be specific, we also speak our local region language, Javanese. To be more specific, the city where we live, Surabaya, has absolutely influenced the way we communicate with its distinctive local dialect added to our Javanese language. In practice, we may use those three languages all together or mix them in our everyday conversations.

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    When Kids (Learn to) Start a Business

      I will have to admit that schools have likely been such an oasis in the desert draining away the drought of entrepreneur spirit throughout the years, just like what I’ve felt in particular. Schools in recent years, also pointing to my kids’ school, contribute to helping students learn and develop their entrepreneurial skills. In about three decades ago, most of students were taught to just study toward excellent results of the exams. Splashing ideas for earning some pennies, even just for fun, was hardly easy to make up. Sad to say, it was parents who just discouraged their kids’ proactively spirit for creating and selling the manifestation of their…

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    Raising Kids for Entrepreneurship

    When I was 10 years old –equals to my daughter’s age by the end of this year- I began to have an interest in getting acquainted with what is called Entrepreneurship. Creating some hand-made paper bookmarks and selling them to friends were really something amazing. Earning money at an elementary school stage was unbelievable. No! No! No! My (late) dad blew the whistle and took it as an objection.