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    The Freedom of a Roasted Rabbit

    Achieving the comfort of life with all the challenges is a choice. Feel like facing or even giving up on challenges? Before deciding to take the second option, let’s take a lesson from the figure of a rabbit in the following story. The cute animal jumped agile, avoiding the pounce of a lion hunting him down. The king of jungle roared in vain for many times each time he tried to bump into the rabbit. That rabbit eventually escaped the lion, and the runaway brought him to a farmer’s yard at the edge of the forest. “I’m so hungry!” said the rabbit when he saw two fat lambs chewing on…

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    Many Ways for Blessings to Come

    Sustenance in the form of money might come from any unexpected direction. Not everything can be understood with sense-making and logic circumstances to find where it comes from. Here is an awesome sharing of thoughts from Jamil Azzaini, the inspirator of Sukses Mulia. A friend once asked, “How can I not be so busy seeking for money, but instead money itself is so busy seeking for me?” “Take two ways simultaneously, the professional path and the spiritual one.” The professional way is when we set the skill and continue to sharpen it to become experts in that field. While the spiritual path, do the activities commanded by the Almighty who…

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    You Are What You Think

    What’s in our mind is what is about to happen. If we think we’ll reach a success, we will. But if we think of ourselves such a person who never makes the grade, we’re then on our way to being a loser. You are exactly what you think. Psychiatric experts overlook mind as the determinant factor in the dynamics of humans. Most of the parts of our human system, like our gestures ad mood, are controlled by our minds. The same way is applied to our feelings. With informations collected and compiled in the brain, the mind commands the ’heart’ to determine the desired circumstances. When the influence of mind…

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    Trust Me, Someday You’ll be Missing It Back

    Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid keeps tailing you wherever you go And just can’t let go While a pile of dirty dishes is awaiting to be taken out Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid is retained on your left arm Crying out for not to be left alone While your right arm is busy with wok in the kitchen Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When you have yourself feed your baby with lactation Hugging and lying on  messed-up bed While your other lovely kid yells on the bathroom Calling for your help wiping his…

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    Broken Racquet

    A little boy had unintentionally broken his dad’s badminton racquet. In a fear of being punished by his dad, he desperately hid the racquet beneath the bed in his bedroom. Each time his dad got inside the bedroom, the boy constantly showed a fearful attitude. On purpose he sit on the bed covering the racquet beneath in order to distract his dad from getting closer to the bed, so his dad would never think that the racquet was indeed around. Consequently, the boy always tried to manage to move the racquet from one place to another as frequent as he could hoping his dad couldn’t find it. Things were going…

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    We Remember You, Dad

    Yesterday was Mother Day. But I’m not telling a story about mum, it’s about remembering my deceased dad instead. It’s been 11 years since my dad passed away. A couple of weeks ago my mum had asked her four children to spend time together at her house to gather around and pray for Dad. Yes, the house where we used to live together. The place where Dad, Mum, my three sisters, and I had spent our full-of-memories past times.

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    Morsels of Life

    There are some pieces of little things of my past which are still kept in my mind. Very clearly recorded so that I can easily replay them. Somewhat, little things that are not useful to others, even to myself. However, they are meaningful, especially for me personally. How is the meaningful value supposed to be? Let me tell you, when I’m turning out with the little things, my mind will right away jump to the future, many years from now. I imagine if in the future I will suddenly remember what I am experiencing at that future time, or may feel a kind of déjà vu, I will know how…

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    Jangan Salahkan Anak, Jika Mereka Tidak Saleh

    Anak adalah investasi orang tua untuk dunia dan akhirat. Mari kenali kesalahan-kesalahan orang tua dalam mendidik anak yang berakibat fatal terhadap perkembangan anak. Ini adalah sharing dari Rahman Arif, trainer Indonesian Family Inspiration. Menumbuhkan Rasa Takut dan Minder Agar anak berhenti menangis atau tidak rewel, kita sering menakut-nakuti mereka agar berhenti menangis. Kita takuti mereka dengan gambaran hantu, jin, suara menakutkan, dan sebagainya. Dampaknya, anak akan tumbuh menjadi anak yang penakut, tidak percaya diri, dan tidak mandiri. Akhirnya, mereka selalu minta ditemani dan enggan jauh dari orang tua. Entah ke kamar mandi, ke sekolah, atau ke tempat tidur. Padahal hal-hal itu bisa mereka kerjakan sendiri. Membiasakan Anak Bergaya Hidup Mewah…

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    Panjang Umur itu Enak?

    “Panjang umurnya, panjang umurnya serta mulia…” Lagu itu hampir selalu kita nyanyikan saat kita merayakan hari jadi kita. Setelah itu dilanjutkan dengan berdoa agar kita selalu diberi kesehatan, rezeki, dan –lagi- panjang umur. Saat mendengar kabar seseorang meninggal di usia muda -katakanlah 40 tahun, 25 tahun, bahkan masih balita- hati kita trenyuh. Rasa sesal muncul, mengapa almarhum tidak diberi umur panjang. Tampaknya, panjang umur menjadi idaman semua manusia. Dengan memperoleh kesempatan hidup yang lebih panjang rasanya membuat hidup ini lebih berarti. Saya yakin, setiap orang ingin dianugerahi umur panjang. Tapi benarkah panjang umur adalah segalanya? Ada sebuah wacana. Beberapa tahun lalu ada orang yang diyakini tertua di dunia hasil sensus…