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    Being a Parent and a Leader at Once

      One afternoon when I was working at office, my wife made a phone call from home, “Dad, Adek is out of control now and I can’t manage him to get along. So I had to prod a little hard poke on his ear. He’s crying now calling your name. When you’re home and he grumbles and complains please back me up..” It means my wife wanted both of us to have one word. It’s not in the right way when one parent comes up as ‘the antagonist’ and the other one as “the savior God”. We must be a solid team. So, what should I do then?

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    Working Mom or Stay-at-home Mom?

    My wife had quit her job on July this year, after dedicating herself in banking world (just like me) since 2002. Yes… for 14 years. When the decision was made up, it seemed to be an easy thing to pick up, yet it had been only the top of a giant iceberg indeed. What hanged down beneath the water was such a big obstacle which had brought ups and downs. Somehow, going back home as a mom and a wife was likely to bring her to a whole new world. So excited and passionate to be a true mom. From this moment on, there will be no more office hassles,…

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    Menjadi Leader sekaligus Parent? Hebat!

    Suatu sore saat masih di kantor, saya ditelepon istri dari rumah: “Ayah, Adek susah banget diatur. Di luar kendali. Terpaksa Bunda jewer telinganya. Dia nangis sambil panggil-panggil Ayah. Nanti kalau dia mengadu tolong dukung Bunda yaa…” Maksudnya, istri saya ingin saya satu suara dengannya. Jangan sampai salah satu orang tua menjadi ‘tokoh antagonis’ dan satunya ‘dewa penyelamat’. Harus menjadi satu tim yang solid. So, what should I do then? The meshing of leadership and parenthood Sebagai pekerja kantoran, sudah lumrah apabila saya dan teman-teman sejawat yang lain secara organisasi dikondisikan untuk memiliki kemampuan leadership. Bagi yang memiliki anak buah, leadership berfungsi untuk melakukan people management. Sedangkan bagi yang belum, leadership…