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Dad’s Guide to Boosting His Productivity

Being a dad is no easy job. Being a dad in today’s world full of tight schedules, deadlines and numerous job responsibilities is even harder. But what can we do to make things easier? Or at least to meet every deadline, play catch and still have some time to ourselves? We can try to be a bit more productive! But that’s easier said than done, right? Well, let’s see what exactly every dad out there can do to make himself more productive and better.

Plan ahead

Have you ever seen an NBA game? Players go in and give it all they’ve got, some of their shots seem out of this world and the way they play is just amazing. Every team has its strategy and that wasn’t developed two hours before the game. No, that is a well-devised plan put up by the coach at least few days before the actual clash. That’s why you too have to come ready and plan out the day before it even starts. Every dad on this globe can devote at least five minutes after each day to break down the approach for the following 24 hours. Try making a list of the upcoming tasks, meetings and playdates. Try to consider any potential pitfalls and create a roadmap that will help you navigate around them.

Coffee to the rescue

Being a productive dad isn’t easy. It can get even harder on those days when you’d rather spend the whole day in your bed than go out and make a living for your family. And that is understandable. That’s why you need to introduce coffee to your daily routine (if you haven’t already). Due to the effects of caffeine, you’ll kick-start things in your body and you’ll get those energy levels up in no time in the morning which will make your day even better from the beginning. You can’t be productive if you’re feeling tired and need a lot of time to become fully aware of everything. If you don’t like ‘brewing’ coffee on your own, invest in coffee maker machines. Then you can buy those cool Nespresso chocolate pods and you’ll see just how amazing a cup of coffee can be. Start your day the right way and drink some more to keep you going.

Try not to bring your work home

Have you heard of the quote ‘Work expands to fill the time available’? That is a famous principle in economics called Parkinson’s Law. If you receive a task and give it a week, it’ll take you a week to do it. Give it a day and it’ll take you a day. Give it an hour and you’ll do it in an hour. Okay, many say that the more time you devote to it, the better the results. But, that’s only maybe true to some degree. Spending an irrational amount of time on tasks that can really be done in hours is not good. You risk losing your precious family time if you bring work back home to complete it. So, limit the amount of time given to the task. That way you’ll focus better and get right to it. Do not let the task fill your schedule.

Early bird catches the worm

Get up earlier, you’ll be grateful to yourself. Hours in the early morning are your friend. By getting up earlier you avoid all the craziness and fuss of school bells and emails. You’ll have enough time to prepare everything for your family and get them going as soon as they wake up. Do some of the tasks early and you’ll see just how valuable free time is in the morning. Many people have difficulties waking up early but sooner or later they all realize how productive they can be during that time and how beneficial that is.

Get enough sleep

All of us, dads, need quality sleep in order to function properly between the rigor and stressors of the everyday life rumble. What’s even more important is the fact that we cannot be great fathers without a good night’s sleep. Being drained leads you nowhere. You’ll hate the world in the morning and you’ll quickly lose every bit of patience you initially had. It would be great if you could squeeze in at least seven hours of sleep per night since that is the optimal amount for every human being. Eight hours per night would be awesome. Do not stay up late and try to turn in each night at the same time.


Having a family is awesome, that is the greatest gift one could get in their lifetime. Learn to cherish it and do everything to become a better person. Both for yourself and for your loved ones. By being more productive you become a reliable figure that everyone looks up to. But you’ll also do yourself a huge favor.

Peter is a parenting writer for Joyful Source magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


  • Cassandra

    This was a great post. This can be very helpful for men who need a bit of guidance. Every man is a different type of dad, but any dad involved are the best ones. Navigating parenting can be really hard especially when both parents are working and have many other components of life happening. Overall, this is great advice for fathers and hope that many dads find themselves here to read it.

  • candy

    All great tips while being at home. Sometimes my husband has to bring work home. He always does the work after the kids are in bed and we have had some alone time.

  • Bushra

    You are so great dad, Very nice post with full of information. Yes, it is not easy to be a dad. My husband is a computer engineer and I felt like he works all the time, he has no other choice but bring the work home as his clients are from across the globe and time difference management becomes hard then. I am going to have him read your post! He’s a great dad though.

    I love your conclusion which tells a lot about you, stay blessed and keep writing. You should join our fb group to share your post with other bloggers, you can find the link on my about page.

    Take care,

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