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Indonesian Father’s Day

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Father’s Day in many countries in the world is celebrated on Sunday of June’s third week, comprising countries like U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and others. What about in Indonesia, my country? Far different from those said above, Father’s Day is ticked on the calendar at November 12.

It has left a distinctive note to the assignment of Indonesian Father’s Day on the respective date. The ‘history’ has been still quite young as it was declared just ten years ago (on November 12, 2006) within the authority of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at that time. The Father’s Day which is clearly attributed to male had been declared by women instead. Hundreds of women comprised in an community of inter-religion communication association named Perkumpulan Putra Ibu Pertiwi (PPIP) gathered together and ‘helped delivered the birth’ of the Indonesian Father’s Day. The nature of women, right? 🙂 This event took place in Solo, East Java.

The spirit in rising Father’s Day was fundamentally basic since it came to a recognition to a father’s role in his family, especially in raising, developing, and maintaining children’s characteristics and mentality, as said by Gress Raja, the Chairman of PPIP.

Google doodle on November 12 in celebration of Indonesian Father's Day
Google doodle on November 12 in celebration of Indonesian Father’s Day

So, has the marked date been disbursed to every father’s heart across the country and geared them to realize the day is such a tribute to them? To be honest, in fact, no echo was there. Neither was a breeze. Unlike Mother’s Day (December 22) on which many people are more aware and celebrate in many ways, the Father’s one has been so so lifeless all the way. Father’s Day is nothing but a name and no value added at all for recalling the dad’s immense roles in a family. If only Google hadn’t displayed a doodle in its searching home page reminding us of Indonesian Father’s Day, it would have gone with the wind without knowing what’s up on that day 🙂

However, there’s still a way in giving us –as dads- opportunities to retract a meaningful value of a Father’s Day. Moreover, a celebration of something attracts less interest to me indeed. Rather than getting myself busy with celebration splinters, I prefer taking it deep down inside the heart for self-reflection, introspection, and charging myself with new knowledge in parenting, to make myself a better dad in the upcoming times.

Should we say it’s a ‘resolution’ on this Father’s Day, these are mine:

More bonding with kids. Finding out my two kids are growing on elementary school stage, I realize this is such a critical period of kids’ development which urges parents’ direct attachment, affection, surveillance as well. Once we miss this stage, the future is likely to be questionable. So, let’s take a grip on this matter.

The 40’s club. Well I’m telling you I’m at the age of 40 now. I do believe this age is the threshold at which the mature and younger period of a man’s life are separated. I will have to become conscious that it’s time to leave all the mischievous manners behind and look forward to the virtuous ones. Developing a good quality relationship with kids is one point of the essence.

Keep the flame with spouse. The more the marriage age adds up, the more an engagement of husband and wife needs tightening. A happy family embraces warmness of all the people inside, not just partial relationship amongst them.

Even if Father’s Day is not so popular as Mother’s one, every single dad keeps meaning so much with his ‘inner gentleman’ and goes beyond expectation in taking a significant role of raising children.

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