A contest was held with a prize of a bag full of money. The competition was a challenge of jumping from a very high ravine and then swimming in the swift current of the river, and avoiding hungry crocodiles roaming the river.

Since early in the morning when the contest was announced, no one wanted to do it. They only took a look with fear on the edge of the cliff.

Nearing noon, suddenly there was a participant who bravely plunged from the edge of the cliff. As soon as he plunged into the river, he swam with all his might to land. The flow of the river was very heavy against him. Likewise with dozens of hungry crocodiles. He made it, avoiding them without getting hurt.

The man finally won the contest. On the medal awarding and the handover of money stuffed in a bag, the man shouted loudly, “I jumped from a high ravine! I fought the swift river currents! I managed to avoid the fierce hungry crocodiles! “

“But I am curious, which of you who previously PUSHED ME to down there?”

Actually, everyone has the potential to be able and succeed. However, the lack of will and confidence makes it all seem impossible. An encouragement turns out to prove that success can be achieved.

Next, try to get the urge from yourself. We’ll never find it out if we never try it out …

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