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Labels on Items: No Missing and Cool!

All this time, each time my two kids asked me to mark their school equipment – or as instructed by their teachers – in order not to get missed or overlooked, I always had them marked with a board marker manually. Names of my kids written down on pencil box, tumbler, towel when swimming, and even underwear for an outbound activity.

It did work. That hand-writing kept the belongings detectable and stuck around. However, it only left one thing: no aesthetics. Yes, that was just less beautiful to look. It sometimes needed some artwork touch on goods, even kids’ school equipment.

That was then. It all changed as I found a new cool way replacing that old work. It’s printed name labels from Petit Fernand in France. The labels are printed with eco-friendly inks, and the fun way is that they are customizable. You can create your personalised labels as you like alongside the various cool templates on the website, personally. Labels will be produced within 48 hours and ready to be dispatched to countries around the world.

As I clicked OK button on the website confirming my order, I told my kids about it. Yes, I made the labels with the names of my two kids: Rasha (almost 12-year-old girl) and Attar (almost 8-year-old boy). They were excited and much more excited when the package landed in their hands. They took them as a sweet gift for their back-to-school activity, even though it has been rolling for a month or two.

What happened then –you can guess it- was they remarked that I help them apply the name labels on their belongings. Here are how we spent the day having fun with our new name labels:

1. Clothing labels

Iron-on labels

This is so cool! These iron-on name labels are dedicated for labelling clothes. I pressed the garment covered with protective paper supplied using hot iron firmly for 12 seconds. All you need to take into mind is be careful with that hot stuff.

Stick-on clothing labels

No need to iron this type of label. I just applied the label on the washing instruction tag or brand label of the garment by pressing firmly for a few seconds to make sure it stuck well.

2. Stick-on object labels

Shoe labels

Your shoes join the pack! You can hope they won’t be missing with name label on. Just cover the label with transparent protective layer supplied and stick it on the inside heel of the shoe.

Item labels

Kids’ tumbler and lunch box fit these school labels since they are dishwasher and microwave safe. All you need to do is clean the smooth surface on which the stick-on name label will be applied.

My kids were satisfied with these name labels. Their personal belongings are now coming up stunning and standing out from that of their friends’.

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