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Love a Cat, Have a Pet?

Just like a large number of kids, my two kids love animals as well. They always dream of having pets to cuddle and play with at home. Meanwhile, I have always thought that it’s a hassle to take care of animals in the house. Of course I have a reason for that. Years ago when I was at the kids’ age I had fostered a number of cats I found on the streets for some consecutive times. So I knew how it was to deal with the ups and downs of ‘petsitting’ in the family.

However my kids had succeeded to attract some animals to our house. At the count I remember, they had goldfish and hamsters for some different times, two baby turtles, and a bird. Were the pets grown up and did they live well? Sorry to say, they were all gone, dead.. I knew it! That’s what I mean it’s not easy to raise pets.

Give up? No. My elder daughter on the other way around just took home a little kitten she picked up on the street when she had jogging with her friends on the last Sunday morning. She kept going on despite my objection. I understand that having pets in our home is a good way in enriching experiences for our children. They can learn to care for and love animals. That’s why I accepted my daughter’s request to get the cat in. With one condition: No trespassing into the house 😀

Here’s how the kitty looks

I know it sounds kind of awkward. All I mean is make sure that there is some preparation to meet with when we decide to foster a cat. Two basic prerequisites:
Realistic expectations. Kids tend to have unrealistic expectations of pets. They think a cat is all the way to eat beautifully, put in the lap, and sleep sweetly. While the other side of the cat is out of mind: peeing and pooping at the corner of fully-stuffed room. The kids need to learn what to look forward to and how to deal with the pet once it is adopted.

Disburse the maintenance work. Having the kids take part in the care and feeding of the pet is good to help them bond with this new comer. Kids will have to realize that this work is real and there is no reason to just sit back and relax while hoping someone else to take care of the cat.

In fact, things do not get along together and the presence of the kitty has come up to bring about little frictions. We all then decided to release the kitty, though it was a little bit hard to do. My kids have learned one important lesson: To love a cat doesn’t mean to own a cat. More, there’s always a way to reveal a love to animals: Let’s go to the zoo! 😀

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