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Many Ways for Blessings to Come

Sustenance in the form of money might come from any unexpected direction. Not everything can be understood with sense-making and logic circumstances to find where it comes from. Here is an awesome sharing of thoughts from Jamil Azzaini, the inspirator of Sukses Mulia.

A friend once asked, “How can I not be so busy seeking for money, but instead money itself is so busy seeking for me?”

“Take two ways simultaneously, the professional path and the spiritual one.”

The professional way is when we set the skill and continue to sharpen it to become experts in that field. While the spiritual path, do the activities commanded by the Almighty who gives us blessings to live. What is that? Some of those are make our parents happy, establish shodaqoh, dhuha prayer, and tahajjud prayer.

That friend dreamt of a big business without using any loans from banks. He collected every single money to increase his resources. However, after the capital had been well collected his son fell sick and had to be hospitalized. He complained about the results he received that was just exactly the opposite, No wonder he felt down as his child became sick and the capital that he had collected with all his might had turned to be sucked out to finance the hospital costs.

Hearing the whining, only a small sentence of spirit that was spoken. Be adamant and determined. The Almighty has many ways to give us nourishment of living. Keeping sharpening the business ability and establishing the spiritual endeavors are the best ways to open the way of blessings.

The colleague’s son was hospitalized for three weeks. During the treatment, a lot of people came to see for encouraging. When the child was allowed to go home and bills were to settle, the comrade was a litlle bit shocked. After he paid all the hospital fees, there were still many unopened “envelopes” from the visitors he received. Once all the envelopes were opened, the amount was exactly the same as the money needed for the investment-to-be capital.

“My God, this is such a way He gave me a blessing, forgive me for having undermined.” When we recently encountered he immediately hugged me and said, “Indeed God has many ways to give sustenance to us, one of them was through the ache of my son. “

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


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