My Dad, My First Love

A couple of years ago I read a Facebook status of my colleague when we were in university. She was in grief as she just lost her father who just passed away. On her Facebook status, she uploaded a photograph of her father when he was quite young, with a caption: “My First Love”.

A love of a daughter to her father.

All this time, indeed, I never thought that a father would ever be the first love of his daughter. When they love each other, it is a sure thing. A father –alongside mother- raises his children with love, embedding values of life, and being a role model. The love of them is a given one.

Along these lines I had an opinion that no need for a daughter to roam in search of her father’s love. She’s got it all already! I didn’t want to come to a thinking that a daughter seeks for her father’s love like falling in love with a man for making him her boyfriend or husband.

That was what I had in mind until I had a change of mind. I have learned how the rapid growth of information technology has penetrated to every single aspect of a person, even crawled to a very personal ‘room’ of someone. You say the internet and social media, yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Just like two sides of a coin, internet and social media give contribution to improper undertaking to children, like cyber bullying and cyber sexual crime.

This way, a little girl needs a coverage for her safety, a very trusted one. It’s no other one but her father who will teach her wholeheartedly the lessons of life, even a sacrifice. And this one will make her fall in love with her father, a true love.

That really changed my mindset then. I started preparing myself being a good dad that Rasha, my daughter, would find a love on me she is worthy of. Now I make myself a role model embedding values that she will understand what in this life are to do and not to do.

Good deeds

In our everyday life, I am building a consistency in good deeds and attitudes, like respect and appreciation to each other, prayer to God with humble soul, honesty, and open mind.

Kiss and hug

Kiss and hug will unbelievably tighten the bonding of a father and a daughter since dad’s touch transforms positive energy to his daughter. This will also increase the assertive attitude of a daughter that she won’t easily resign her self-esteem to anybody else.

Dad and Rasha

From that time on, I had been dreaming of being the first love of my daughter. I will have to find the opportunities to keep living a love to my daughter to be the most favorite person and an idol as well. A reminder to myself, I won’t let my daughter grow up to be a girl without caress and guidance.

She needs the knowledge to sail the oceans of life.

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A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.

14 thoughts on “My Dad, My First Love

  1. What beautiful sentiments these are. This is a perspective that is worth sharing, as it is fortunate when a family can experience that relationship. I like to think that it works with mommas and sons, too. ❤️

  2. So very true. A dad is many times the first love of a little girl. I commend you for making an effort to be your daughter’s first love. The mark of a great dad.

  3. Congratulations on your great relations with your daughter. It is awesome that you are so aware how important role the father has also in girls (not only boy and son) life 🙂

  4. This is sweet, you are an amazing father. I was a papa’s girl big time (still am today, but not as much). The love and bond with father and daughter is something special. I am more open to my papa than to my mom. He is my hero and my first love. I hope all little girls are given with an awesome dad like you.

  5. I love this! Dad’s are invaluable to their daughters, helping to establish their self-esteem and self-respect. I’m so glad that you are embracing this beautiful, God-given role.

  6. Dad’s are definitely a girl’s first true love! I recently lost my daddy as an adult and I have no idea how to recover from such loss 🙁

  7. I actually remember reading something about how girl’s look for partners with traits like their father, so it’s important to be good role model as a dad so she knows what to look for in a man!

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