• Family Time

    I See that Good Thing, Dad

    In the phase of rapidly growing mental, emotional, and psychological aspects, a son goes out by igniting his eyes on his dad. All his dad’s behavior, gestures, speeches, and habits are likely the things to be absorbed into his mind, even planted for the longest period of his whole life. A dad must be aware and alert for this circumstance. Take a good planning before going out for an act. However it is nothing to worry about. This could indeed be the golden moment to disburse good values to his son. Moreover, in the long run it will strengthen the relationship between dad and son. I have a little experience…

  • Motivation

    Fortune Teller

    A young man came to a fortune teller. “When do I become a successful person?” He asked the fortune teller and he was answered: “At the age of 30.” The man then left. Exactly true, at the age of 30 he had turned himself a successful entrepreneur. He zealously came back to the fortune teller he had met many years before. He was very grateful for having been foretold that he would succeed. Then what did the fortune teller say? “In fact, what made you successful was yourself. My forecast would have missed if you hadn’t broken your back to seek your own succeess.”

  • Motivation

    King of Bloopers

    Is there any of basketball fans who doesn’t recognize Michael Jordan? This guy has remarkably been distinguished as the greatest basketball player for all the time. When in the glorious periods with Chicago Bulls in the era of 1990’s, Jordan had again and again helped Bulls embrace the NBA champions rings – of American basketball competition which has been the most famous one in the world. His breakthroughs had even flown up in the air as a legend. Moreover, he was crowned the richest basketball player. Anyway, do you ever have any idea about what this 198-centimeter-tall guy said in a television interview? “I had been counted on for more…

  • Motivation

    Work and Play

    Jennie S. Bev, a successful author, columnist, business woman from Indonesia who lives in the United States, said that for her every second is to work and to play all together. “On weekends, I came up to stay at a hotel sitting and listening to others, or on another day you could find me speaking about this and that on a seminar. On some occasion, I sometimes just sit in the amusement park without doing anything … “ “Actually, what am I doing?” Jennie said, when she was working, she was best at the same time playing. When she plays, she’s working. Both overlapping activities would obtain fruitful productive results…

  • Dad's Notes,  Work-Life Balance

    Sound of Silence

    The sun is surely sliding away over the horizon. The sky is getting dark going straight down to my surroundings and around. And I’m here alone in my room, away from home. Cricket choirs are singing outside, breaking the silence in the crawling night. I close my eyes just for a while, and then I get them wide opened. I try to believe what I’m getting on this time. Once I had to move out of my hometown to work, now I am having the opportunity to take my time a little loose –at least I can distinguish the difference with the circumstances I had before. I know I have…

  • Family Time,  Work-Life Balance

    Jogging = Invest

    The most common problem most office workers cope with is lack of physical exercises. Just like me. Routine work bringing about departing in the morning and returning in the evening has left me exhausted. I can feel the blood circulation in my body goes unsmooth. All I have with this flesh is nothing but indolence. I know that the solution is exercise. Just name it jogging, that simple. Just grab some sneakers and do a slight running around the routes in your residence area for half an hour or slightly extended. Body sweats, heart and other organs are all shook up, and blood circulation goes so smooth. If this is…

  • Family Time,  Work-Life Balance

    Practical Tips to Make Your Kids Get along

    When you find your kid crying, don’t waste your time calming him down. It would be better to distract him from crying by pointing your finger up over to flying birds or clouds in the sky. As he looks up, he’ll stop crying. Why? The nature of persons when crying is when they raise heads down. You want your kids stop playing around. Please don’t say: “All right, it’s enough. Stop playing now”. Use these words instead: “Five minutes to go to keep playing, Kids”. Remind them for more: “Two minutes to go”. And finally, make a closing: “Okay, time is up”. They will stop playing. When you get distorted…

  • Reflection

    You Are What You Think

    What’s in our mind is what is about to happen. If we think we’ll reach a success, we will. But if we think of ourselves such a person who never makes the grade, we’re then on our way to being a loser. You are exactly what you think. Psychiatric experts overlook mind as the determinant factor in the dynamics of humans. Most of the parts of our human system, like our gestures ad mood, are controlled by our minds. The same way is applied to our feelings. With informations collected and compiled in the brain, the mind commands the ’heart’ to determine the desired circumstances. When the influence of mind…

  • Motivation

    A Shoe Salesman

    A boss sent his salesman out to a remote island to sell the shoes he manufactured. When the salesman reached the island, he found that all the resident people had no shoes. Feeling like targeting wrong, he came back home in a lethargic manner. “Boss, there is no market there. People do not wear shoes,” he explained in the doldrums. The boss found himself curious and sent another salesman to carry out the same. As having arrived on the island, the salesman called his boss. “Boss, you won’t believe it. It’s such a gigantic market. Everyone doesn’t wear shoes,” he said. Well, the world is something relative. While some people…

  • Reflection

    Trust Me, Someday You’ll be Missing It Back

    Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid keeps tailing you wherever you go And just can’t let go While a pile of dirty dishes is awaiting to be taken out Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid is retained on your left arm Crying out for not to be left alone While your right arm is busy with wok in the kitchen Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When you have yourself feed your baby with lactation Hugging and lying on  messed-up bed While your other lovely kid yells on the bathroom Calling for your help wiping his…