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Practical Tips to Make Your Kids Get along

  1. When you find your kid crying, don’t waste your time calming him down. It would be better to distract him from crying by pointing your finger up over to flying birds or clouds in the sky. As he looks up, he’ll stop crying. Why? The nature of persons when crying is when they raise heads down.
  2. You want your kids stop playing around. Please don’t say: “All right, it’s enough. Stop playing now”. Use these words instead: “Five minutes to go to keep playing, Kids”. Remind them for more: “Two minutes to go”. And finally, make a closing: “Okay, time is up”. They will stop playing.
  3. When you get distorted in a bunch of kids full of indistinct noises, make a little shout like this: “Hello, I have a story. Wanna hear? Raise your hands!” As one kid does, the others will do the same, and get quiet.
  4. After reading your kids a bed time story, whisper softly: “It’s time to go to sleep. Tomorrow morning we’ll have the morning prayer”. Or else you can say: “It’s time to go to sleep. Tomorrow morning you’ll have to go to school”. It’s good that you’d rather say the former for your kids will be encouraged to engage themselves to transcendental frame of mind.
  5. Please enjoy your kids with their childhood today, for time will elapse so fast. It will be soon leaving just tomorrow. You’ll be cherishing all they do while they’re kids. You’ll be missing it all. So, just come out and play with them. Make a laughter with them. Have fun with them. Show your childish side when playing with them. They’ll remember it forever.
  6. Get your cell phone away and switch your TV off. When a friend makes a phone call, just say: “Sorry, Pal, I’m having my time playing with my kids. I’ll call you back”. This won’t bring your legitimacy about to back fall or ruin your personality. A wise man knows how to balance things and embrace children education as his expertise.
  7. One more thing, don’t forget to pray and beg of God to keep bestowing us with the sweet children that will be beautiful zephyr shining warm for us.

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