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Support Your Kids Facing New School Season

Holiday is over. New school’s annual study season has begun. For a large number of students, holiday is a time for fun after a year of undergoing one study level. For them, vacation is vacation. What about the new challenge on the next level will be, they don’t wanna think about it.

Only as the holiday ends, they begin to be anxious about the new atmosphere they must face. Starting from the dread of not being able to adapt to new buildings, new friends, even new subjects. Also, worried about not getting clinging friends as they had before.

As parents, we always have to guide our children who are experiencing a period of transition with patience and support. We can support them with the right steps.

1. Take a tour of the school
The tour is worthwhile to get to know the ins and outs of the school before the school year begins. Encourage and children to meet with the teachers, listen to explanations about learning activities, and learn the character of the school. At least, the child has no trouble finding a locker room, library, or cafeteria.

2. Find the associate teacher
Most schools provide counselors or mentors to each student, who help observe student progress since entering the school year and act as mentors, problem solvers, and legal counselors.

3. Help the child dampen anxiety
Anxiety is very natural when the child will move to a new life. Make sure we keep an eye on his nutritional intake, not eating  too late, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. We can also invite him to take a deep breath and throw it slowly. Simple but so meaningful indeed.

4. Remind them of achievement
Give the child the motivation to expose his opinion about the ideals and expectations that he wants to achieve from school. Do not seem to interrogate and advise only if the child asks. Our job is to listen until the child realizes the importance of the transition process.

5. Help children socialize
If the child says that he has no friends, help him find the best way to get closer to his classmates. For example starting with inviting one of his friends to play basketball together at the weekend.

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