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    Too Young for School?

    Too young and not ready yet for enrolling the Elementary School stage. That’s the fact you can find on Attar, my son. He’s now on the second stage and about to reach 7 years old while he was 5.10 when entering Elementary School. And the other fact is that he has got less satisfying results on some of his evaluative exams. Is this likely to blow my head up? Maybe. But I’d rather get my feet firm on the ground and look ahead. Some friends and relatives had warned us beforehand about the consequences of enrolling class prior to the standardised age, 7 years old of age. Quite staggering, respective…

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    A Shoe Salesman

    A boss sent his salesman out to a remote island to sell the shoes he manufactured. When the salesman reached the island, he found that all the resident people had no shoes. Feeling like targeting wrong, he came back home in a lethargic manner. “Boss, there is no market there. People do not wear shoes,” he explained in the doldrums. The boss found himself curious and sent another salesman to carry out the same. As having arrived on the island, the salesman called his boss. “Boss, you won’t believe it. It’s such a gigantic market. Everyone doesn’t wear shoes,” he said. Well, the world is something relative. While some people…

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    English First, My Boy

    I am an Indonesian. I and my family speak Indonesian language in our daily life. To be specific, we also speak our local region language, Javanese. To be more specific, the city where we live, Surabaya, has absolutely influenced the way we communicate with its distinctive local dialect added to our Javanese language. In practice, we may use those three languages all together or mix them in our everyday conversations.

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    Surprise for Dad

    This is the English version of my previous post about the same story. I found it good to share this trivial moment, but it really meant and squeezed my feelings: “Surpriiise.. This is for you, Ayah (Dad)..” It was a greeting from Rasha, my eldest child, when I came home from the office a few days ago. She passed me a flat rectangle-shaped gift wrapped in a yellow paper. “Wow, for me? Thanks Dear..” I replied while smacking on her cheek. She looked happy to see her father take delivery of the surprise parcel excitedly. Yes, happiness is quite simple. Getting an attention from belated kid is beyond all expressions.

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    When Kids (Learn to) Start a Business

      I will have to admit that schools have likely been such an oasis in the desert draining away the drought of entrepreneur spirit throughout the years, just like what I’ve felt in particular. Schools in recent years, also pointing to my kids’ school, contribute to helping students learn and develop their entrepreneurial skills. In about three decades ago, most of students were taught to just study toward excellent results of the exams. Splashing ideas for earning some pennies, even just for fun, was hardly easy to make up. Sad to say, it was parents who just discouraged their kids’ proactively spirit for creating and selling the manifestation of their…

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    Love a Cat, Have a Pet?

    Just like a large number of kids, my two kids love animals as well. They always dream of having pets to cuddle and play with at home. Meanwhile, I have always thought that it’s a hassle to take care of animals in the house. Of course I have a reason for that. Years ago when I was at the kids’ age I had fostered a number of cats I found on the streets for some consecutive times. So I knew how it was to deal with the ups and downs of ‘petsitting’ in the family. However my kids had succeeded to attract some animals to our house. At the count…

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    Raising Kids for Entrepreneurship

    When I was 10 years old –equals to my daughter’s age by the end of this year- I began to have an interest in getting acquainted with what is called Entrepreneurship. Creating some hand-made paper bookmarks and selling them to friends were really something amazing. Earning money at an elementary school stage was unbelievable. No! No! No! My (late) dad blew the whistle and took it as an objection.

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    Kejutan untuk Ayah

    “Ini surprise buat Ayah..” Sambutan itu saya dapatkan dari Rasha, anak sulung saya, saat saya pulang dari kantor beberapa hari lalu. Disodorkannya sebuah bingkisan pipih persegi panjang dibungkus kertas kado warna kuning. “Wow, buat Ayah nih? Makasih ya Sayang..” balas saya sambil mencium pipinya. Buah hati saya itu pun tampak senang melihat ayahnya menerima bingkisan kejutannya dengan bahagia. Ya, bahagia itu memang sederhana. Mendapatkan perhatian dari sang buah hati bahagianya sampai ke ulu hati. Karena hari telah beranjak malam dan saya juga merasa cukup lelah setelah seharian berkutat dengan urusan kerja, maka saya putuskan menyimpan bingkisan itu di tas untuk saya buka esok harinya di kantor. I really felt surprised…