• Kids' Workout

    Rookie Swimmer Boy

    Attar –my son- loves to go to swimming pools. Each time when we had weekend out of town, he always picked the pool checking the first thing. No matter we got ourselves tired after a long trip and just checked in, he always rumbled along the hotel’s alleyways and got set with his swimming suit. Hmm.. he must be good at swimming? To be true, not really 😀 Contrary to his big crazes at the pre-swimming actions, he came up to showing no guts as he stepped on the poolside. All ablaze passions vanished, and the boy who had just celebrated his 7th birthday last week was likely to look…

  • Motivation

    Love the Hardship

    Adam Guettel was a successful young man who raised musical theater. He had a remarkable talent in theater. Everyone praised his prowess and many magazines praised him as a genius boy. At the tender age of thirteen, Adam had been predicted to sparkle as a television star. Unexpectedly, he just resigned himself from the opera soloist and said that his voice had been broken. In fact, what really happened was that he was scared because he could not bear the pressures being a very popular one. “I pretended my voice had changed,” he admitted as he turned to music composer later. Many people love problems as they have got them…

  • Family Time,  Kids' Workout

    Failing is not a Loss

    “Dad, I didn’t make it…” That was what my son said just last week after getting done his piano playing on a music competition. Alongside of his elder sister at the same contest who ended up as the first winner at her category, my boy didn’t get his name on the stage call for the winning inaugural ceremony. However, he was kept awarded a consolation trophy in appreciation of his participation. And those words were all what I had waited to hear…

  • Family Time,  Work-Life Balance

    Being a Parent and a Leader at Once

      One afternoon when I was working at office, my wife made a phone call from home, “Dad, Adek is out of control now and I can’t manage him to get along. So I had to prod a little hard poke on his ear. He’s crying now calling your name. When you’re home and he grumbles and complains please back me up..” It means my wife wanted both of us to have one word. It’s not in the right way when one parent comes up as ‘the antagonist’ and the other one as “the savior God”. We must be a solid team. So, what should I do then?

  • Work-Life Balance

    Working Mom or Stay-at-home Mom?

    My wife had quit her job on July this year, after dedicating herself in banking world (just like me) since 2002. Yes… for 14 years. When the decision was made up, it seemed to be an easy thing to pick up, yet it had been only the top of a giant iceberg indeed. What hanged down beneath the water was such a big obstacle which had brought ups and downs. Somehow, going back home as a mom and a wife was likely to bring her to a whole new world. So excited and passionate to be a true mom. From this moment on, there will be no more office hassles,…

  • Family Time

    Surprise for Dad

    This is the English version of my previous post about the same story. I found it good to share this trivial moment, but it really meant and squeezed my feelings: “Surpriiise.. This is for you, Ayah (Dad)..” It was a greeting from Rasha, my eldest child, when I came home from the office a few days ago. She passed me a flat rectangle-shaped gift wrapped in a yellow paper. “Wow, for me? Thanks Dear..” I replied while smacking on her cheek. She looked happy to see her father take delivery of the surprise parcel excitedly. Yes, happiness is quite simple. Getting an attention from belated kid is beyond all expressions.

  • Family Time

    Kejutan untuk Ayah

    “Ini surprise buat Ayah..” Sambutan itu saya dapatkan dari Rasha, anak sulung saya, saat saya pulang dari kantor beberapa hari lalu. Disodorkannya sebuah bingkisan pipih persegi panjang dibungkus kertas kado warna kuning. “Wow, buat Ayah nih? Makasih ya Sayang..” balas saya sambil mencium pipinya. Buah hati saya itu pun tampak senang melihat ayahnya menerima bingkisan kejutannya dengan bahagia. Ya, bahagia itu memang sederhana. Mendapatkan perhatian dari sang buah hati bahagianya sampai ke ulu hati. Karena hari telah beranjak malam dan saya juga merasa cukup lelah setelah seharian berkutat dengan urusan kerja, maka saya putuskan menyimpan bingkisan itu di tas untuk saya buka esok harinya di kantor. I really felt surprised…