• Reflection

    Blessings in Our Gains

    In our daily life, we might have met a man whose small income in return for his work, but his children could reach higher education. They could afford to enroll to college. They are happy, have no debts, and really enjoy life. On the contrary, there was another man who had been knuckling down, leaving home early in the morning and returning late at night, but his life was felt far from sufficient. Debts were kept outstanding and not likely to get  paid off. Problems in life overwhelmed never-ending. Why did it happen? The first man is blessed with all he gains, while the latter the blessing in what he…

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    Children’s Adversity Quotient: A Challenge to Parents

    As parents, I and my wife felt like having an instinct to help our kids out in every single thing they might do, even on their trivial workout. Many of things, like tying up shoe laces, getting dressed when about to go to school or go out at weekend, combing the hair, feeding my less-appetite boy to keep him mouthful, even bathing them from hair to toe. Being overwhelmed with those bits and pieces is all of the parents’ nature! It’s a duty, a responsibility, a requirement that we should embrace. That’s the good deed of parents. But I found an enlightenment in understanding more about my role in raising…

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    A Dad’s Guide to Healthier Living

    Being a dad is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and rewarding things in the world, but it can also be quite challenging from time to time – especially if you have a full-time job and don’t have too much time just for yourself. Giving your best to live a healthier life is of the utmost importance, but don’t worry if you don’t really know how to make that happen, because we’re here to help you out. Here are four crucial steps towards embracing a healthy lifestyle, so check them out and enjoy your transformation! Avoid junk food and cook your own meals Yes, we know that opting for junk…

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    Ready into Fatherhood

    Being a dad is not so easy as you think. You have to prepare all things about fatherhood. Preparation for being a good dad is more than just reading story books, childproofing the electrical outlets, and buying a mini-bus. That’s an easy stuff. The important things are those that most first-time dads learn along the way. Here, you can learn about it. Understanding Fatherhood You’ll be more important to the kids than to anyone else. Don’t be afraid. The kids need you but you don’t have to force yourself to things that you can’t do. Let mommy do the works what you can’t do. You need an understanding about fatherhood…

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    Health, A Blessing Money just Can’t Buy

    Be grateful. One meaningful word of invitation that has a very deep value. Not eroded by the time to always be echoed. Why? Because it is divine, it has something to do with God. Yes, there is so much blessing that has been bestowed upon us. We need not mention one by one because we will not be able to count them. All we have to do is give thanks. What do you think we should be most grateful for? At least there is one that has a direct relevance to the steps of our lives day by day? How about WEALTH? Well, nothing wrong with it. Wealth is counted…

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    Life Restarted at 60’s

    This is a story about my mom. She is 68 years old now. I have a very special note about my mom, that she had found her life back at the age of 60 -it was 56 exactly. Yes, the age of 60 was like a second life for my mom. The boundary between ‘first life’ and ‘second life’ for Mom was when my dad passed away 12 years ago, when Mom was at 56. It was a moment that split her life in two. While Mom lived alongside of Dad, and all together with her four children who are grown up now, she really played the role as a…

  • Motivation

    Ten Thousand Hours

    This is an interesting inspirational words from Iman Supriyono, an Indonesian strategic finance specialist, especially for me, you, or anyone who is starting a new life with family and children, or anything that needs long-term undertaking. What is that? Ten thousand hours. Going through ten thousand hours to then be considered worthy? Yes, just like that. The analogy is an airplane pilot. Opinion of most people, pilot is a prestigious job. The huge salary is one of the indicators. Why big salary? Of course it’s because of the high demand of skills and the risks embedded. The fate of hundreds of passengers inside the plane is definitely in the pilot’s…

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    The Freedom of a Roasted Rabbit

    Achieving the comfort of life with all the challenges is a choice. Feel like facing or even giving up on challenges? Before deciding to take the second option, let’s take a lesson from the figure of a rabbit in the following story. The cute animal jumped agile, avoiding the pounce of a lion hunting him down. The king of jungle roared in vain for many times each time he tried to bump into the rabbit. That rabbit eventually escaped the lion, and the runaway brought him to a farmer’s yard at the edge of the forest. “I’m so hungry!” said the rabbit when he saw two fat lambs chewing on…

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    Trust Me, Someday You’ll be Missing It Back

    Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid keeps tailing you wherever you go And just can’t let go While a pile of dirty dishes is awaiting to be taken out Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid is retained on your left arm Crying out for not to be left alone While your right arm is busy with wok in the kitchen Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When you have yourself feed your baby with lactation Hugging and lying on  messed-up bed While your other lovely kid yells on the bathroom Calling for your help wiping his…

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    Being a Parent and a Leader at Once

      One afternoon when I was working at office, my wife made a phone call from home, “Dad, Adek is out of control now and I can’t manage him to get along. So I had to prod a little hard poke on his ear. He’s crying now calling your name. When you’re home and he grumbles and complains please back me up..” It means my wife wanted both of us to have one word. It’s not in the right way when one parent comes up as ‘the antagonist’ and the other one as “the savior God”. We must be a solid team. So, what should I do then?