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    Ready into Fatherhood

    Being a dad is not so easy as you think. You have to prepare all things about fatherhood. Preparation for being a good dad is more than just reading story books, childproofing the electrical outlets, and buying a mini-bus. That’s an easy stuff. The important things are those that most first-time dads learn along the way. Here, you can learn about it. Understanding Fatherhood You’ll be more important to the kids than to anyone else. Don’t be afraid. The kids need you but you don’t have to force yourself to things that you can’t do. Let mommy do the works what you can’t do. You need an understanding about fatherhood…

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    How to Make Your Wife Feel Special Every Day

    If you’re a man who loves to make his wife feel happy and special every day, without exceptions – welcome to the club! However, we have to say that there are still a lot of men who make an effort to do that only when an important occasion comes up, which is quite disrespectful, so be sure not to be one of those guys. Here are four amazing ways to make your wife feel special on a daily basis, so check them out and accomplish that task with success! Buy her a gift for no reason Everyone knows that women love gifts, and buying her something is probably one of…

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    Being a Great Dad for Children

    Who wants to be a daddy here? You may not have a child yet, but soon you will. Although you don’t want it but certainly you’ll have one. Prepare yourself to taking care of your child. Being a dad is not always smooth. You will have to make well-planned preparation and good mentality to be a great dad for your son or daughter. Being a Great Dad for Child’s Growth What will be felt when having a baby? It absolutely will make you feel perplexed and happy. As a dad, you want to be a good one for your kids. You want to carry them on your shoulders. You will…

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    Working Mom vs Traveling Dad

    It’s been two years after my wife quit her job, and it’s been one year after I moved to work out of town. The two consecutive episodes in which our kids revealed objection yet they knew they had to get along with both of them. Throwback, I and my wife were two working parents, dealing with the same industry, banking. Working in service industry in a severe competition brought us to spending overtime for work. Reaching our doorstep beyond lullaby time was the normal situation for us. Real crazy. We never had enough time to gather ‘round with our kids. When we got home, kids had slept away. When they…

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    Life Restarted at 60’s

    This is a story about my mom. She is 68 years old now. I have a very special note about my mom, that she had found her life back at the age of 60 -it was 56 exactly. Yes, the age of 60 was like a second life for my mom. The boundary between ‘first life’ and ‘second life’ for Mom was when my dad passed away 12 years ago, when Mom was at 56. It was a moment that split her life in two. While Mom lived alongside of Dad, and all together with her four children who are grown up now, she really played the role as a…

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    Sound of Silence

    The sun is surely sliding away over the horizon. The sky is getting dark going straight down to my surroundings and around. And I’m here alone in my room, away from home. Cricket choirs are singing outside, breaking the silence in the crawling night. I close my eyes just for a while, and then I get them wide opened. I try to believe what I’m getting on this time. Once I had to move out of my hometown to work, now I am having the opportunity to take my time a little loose –at least I can distinguish the difference with the circumstances I had before. I know I have…

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    Trust Me, Someday You’ll be Missing It Back

    Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid keeps tailing you wherever you go And just can’t let go While a pile of dirty dishes is awaiting to be taken out Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When your lovely kid is retained on your left arm Crying out for not to be left alone While your right arm is busy with wok in the kitchen Trust me, someday you’ll be missing it back When you have yourself feed your baby with lactation Hugging and lying on  messed-up bed While your other lovely kid yells on the bathroom Calling for your help wiping his…

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    Mom is the Teacher at Home

    Recently, my wife supposed to get back to work (again). Come on my Dear, please don’t start it again. Think about the kids… As I was expecting the final decision of my assignment to new office out of town –and then I got in charge at the beginning of this year, my wife coincidentally quit her job five months beforehand. This made a joy happen to our kids. Finally, they had their mom stick around after having been left alone everyday as their mom had to hang around in ‘diaspora’ working at office for mostly overtimes, and for years –do you believe that? It was not a problem when kids…

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    Being a Parent and a Leader at Once

      One afternoon when I was working at office, my wife made a phone call from home, “Dad, Adek is out of control now and I can’t manage him to get along. So I had to prod a little hard poke on his ear. He’s crying now calling your name. When you’re home and he grumbles and complains please back me up..” It means my wife wanted both of us to have one word. It’s not in the right way when one parent comes up as ‘the antagonist’ and the other one as “the savior God”. We must be a solid team. So, what should I do then?

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    Indonesian Father’s Day

    Father’s Day in many countries in the world is celebrated on Sunday of June’s third week, comprising countries like U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and others. What about in Indonesia, my country? Far different from those said above, Father’s Day is ticked on the calendar at November 12. It has left a distinctive note to the assignment of Indonesian Father’s Day on the respective date. The ‘history’ has been still quite young as it was declared just ten years ago (on November 12, 2006) within the authority of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at that time. The Father’s Day which is clearly attributed to male had been declared by women instead.…