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    Dad’s Guide to Boosting His Productivity

    Being a dad is no easy job. Being a dad in today’s world full of tight schedules, deadlines and numerous job responsibilities is even harder. But what can we do to make things easier? Or at least to meet every deadline, play catch and still have some time to ourselves? We can try to be a bit more productive! But that’s easier said than done, right? Well, let’s see what exactly every dad out there can do to make himself more productive and better. Plan ahead Have you ever seen an NBA game? Players go in and give it all they’ve got, some of their shots seem out of this…

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    Parenting Difficulties: The Importance of “Me” Time

    Even though it’s difficult from time to time, being a dad is probably the best thing that can happen to any guy who actually wants kids. And yes, you love your children more than life itself, and you want to spend every second with them, but every dad needs some alone time to refresh his batteries. This is not selfish at all, and it definitely doesn’t mean skipping on your responsibilities – if you really want to be the best dad ever, sometimes, it’s very important to take a well-deserved break. If you’re not sure about how or why you should do this, take a look at the following list.…

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    Ready into Fatherhood

    Being a dad is not so easy as you think. You have to prepare all things about fatherhood. Preparation for being a good dad is more than just reading story books, childproofing the electrical outlets, and buying a mini-bus. That’s an easy stuff. The important things are those that most first-time dads learn along the way. Here, you can learn about it. Understanding Fatherhood You’ll be more important to the kids than to anyone else. Don’t be afraid. The kids need you but you don’t have to force yourself to things that you can’t do. Let mommy do the works what you can’t do. You need an understanding about fatherhood…

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    Out of Dividing Walls

    Harry Houdini is a legendary magician who was very famous for his ability to escape from the chains that wrapped around his body. Though his body was thrown into a box full of water, he was able to escape. When the chains had tied him up and he was all the way to be thrown into a box of water, Houdini always pretended to fall to show how hard the struggle would be. His wife then helped lift his body. “My wife does not come around each time  I do this, but she still loves me,” said the man whose real name is Ehrich Weisz, an Asto-Hungarian-born American. Thereafter, his…

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    Support Your Kids Facing New School Season

    Holiday is over. New school’s annual study season has begun. For a large number of students, holiday is a time for fun after a year of undergoing one study level. For them, vacation is vacation. What about the new challenge on the next level will be, they don’t wanna think about it. Only as the holiday ends, they begin to be anxious about the new atmosphere they must face. Starting from the dread of not being able to adapt to new buildings, new friends, even new subjects. Also, worried about not getting clinging friends as they had before. As parents, we always have to guide our children who are experiencing…

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    Practical Tips to Make Your Kids Get along

    When you find your kid crying, don’t waste your time calming him down. It would be better to distract him from crying by pointing your finger up over to flying birds or clouds in the sky. As he looks up, he’ll stop crying. Why? The nature of persons when crying is when they raise heads down. You want your kids stop playing around. Please don’t say: “All right, it’s enough. Stop playing now”. Use these words instead: “Five minutes to go to keep playing, Kids”. Remind them for more: “Two minutes to go”. And finally, make a closing: “Okay, time is up”. They will stop playing. When you get distorted…

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    Parents are to Keep Learning too

    As my kids are growing up, I once ever thought that I have come up to be a complete parent. My experiences in raising my kids –alongside with my wife, of course- for my ten and six-year-old kids had led to bringing me out as a perfect parent, I thought. But I then found I was wrong. Now I realize that there’s no limit of time for parents to keep learning in guiding and keeping an eye on their children, following each stage of their life. This is one priceless moment that opened my eyes how I should realize that a parent is a never-ending learner. Three days ago, on…

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    Broken Racquet

    A little boy had unintentionally broken his dad’s badminton racquet. In a fear of being punished by his dad, he desperately hid the racquet beneath the bed in his bedroom. Each time his dad got inside the bedroom, the boy constantly showed a fearful attitude. On purpose he sit on the bed covering the racquet beneath in order to distract his dad from getting closer to the bed, so his dad would never think that the racquet was indeed around. Consequently, the boy always tried to manage to move the racquet from one place to another as frequent as he could hoping his dad couldn’t find it. Things were going…

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    Indonesian Father’s Day

    Father’s Day in many countries in the world is celebrated on Sunday of June’s third week, comprising countries like U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and others. What about in Indonesia, my country? Far different from those said above, Father’s Day is ticked on the calendar at November 12. It has left a distinctive note to the assignment of Indonesian Father’s Day on the respective date. The ‘history’ has been still quite young as it was declared just ten years ago (on November 12, 2006) within the authority of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at that time. The Father’s Day which is clearly attributed to male had been declared by women instead.…

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    Surprise for Dad

    This is the English version of my previous post about the same story. I found it good to share this trivial moment, but it really meant and squeezed my feelings: “Surpriiise.. This is for you, Ayah (Dad)..” It was a greeting from Rasha, my eldest child, when I came home from the office a few days ago. She passed me a flat rectangle-shaped gift wrapped in a yellow paper. “Wow, for me? Thanks Dear..” I replied while smacking on her cheek. She looked happy to see her father take delivery of the surprise parcel excitedly. Yes, happiness is quite simple. Getting an attention from belated kid is beyond all expressions.