• Reflection

    Blessings in Our Gains

    In our daily life, we might have met a man whose small income in return for his work, but his children could reach higher education. They could afford to enroll to college. They are happy, have no debts, and really enjoy life. On the contrary, there was another man who had been knuckling down, leaving home early in the morning and returning late at night, but his life was felt far from sufficient. Debts were kept outstanding and not likely to get  paid off. Problems in life overwhelmed never-ending. Why did it happen? The first man is blessed with all he gains, while the latter the blessing in what he…

  • Motivation,  Reflection

    The Freedom of a Roasted Rabbit

    Achieving the comfort of life with all the challenges is a choice. Feel like facing or even giving up on challenges? Before deciding to take the second option, let’s take a lesson from the figure of a rabbit in the following story. The cute animal jumped agile, avoiding the pounce of a lion hunting him down. The king of jungle roared in vain for many times each time he tried to bump into the rabbit. That rabbit eventually escaped the lion, and the runaway brought him to a farmer’s yard at the edge of the forest. “I’m so hungry!” said the rabbit when he saw two fat lambs chewing on…

  • Reflection

    We Remember You, Dad

    Yesterday was Mother Day. But I’m not telling a story about mum, it’s about remembering my deceased dad instead. It’s been 11 years since my dad passed away. A couple of weeks ago my mum had asked her four children to spend time together at her house to gather around and pray for Dad. Yes, the house where we used to live together. The place where Dad, Mum, my three sisters, and I had spent our full-of-memories past times.

  • Dad's Notes,  Reflection

    Morsels of Life

    There are some pieces of little things of my past which are still kept in my mind. Very clearly recorded so that I can easily replay them. Somewhat, little things that are not useful to others, even to myself. However, they are meaningful, especially for me personally. How is the meaningful value supposed to be? Let me tell you, when I’m turning out with the little things, my mind will right away jump to the future, many years from now. I imagine if in the future I will suddenly remember what I am experiencing at that future time, or may feel a kind of déjà vu, I will know how…