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The Freedom of a Roasted Rabbit

Achieving the comfort of life with all the challenges is a choice. Feel like facing or even giving up on challenges? Before deciding to take the second option, let’s take a lesson from the figure of a rabbit in the following story.

The cute animal jumped agile, avoiding the pounce of a lion hunting him down. The king of jungle roared in vain for many times each time he tried to bump into the rabbit. That rabbit eventually escaped the lion, and the runaway brought him to a farmer’s yard at the edge of the forest.

“I’m so hungry!” said the rabbit when he saw two fat lambs chewing on a pile of fresh grass . The creaks from the lambs chewing the cud sounded like a melodious music, making the rabbit’s stomach that had entered the cage freak out for more and more.

“Welcome, Buddy.. Go gobble up this fresh sweet grass,” said the lambs. This unexpected invitation streaked his face, thinking all this time in the jungle, it was so uncommon for animals to share food with ease. “Why are you willing to share your grass with me?” asked the rabbit. “Oh, we have plenty of food here. That old farmer always gives us everything we want, ” said the lambs.

He was brought to a standstill hearing that and wondered about the figure of the generous farmer. One of the lambs explained just before he was about to ask, “The farmer supplies us with food every day without we ever asked. And we do not have to work for him at all.”

Rabbit got much more confused. “You mean the farmer gives you everything you want for free?” The lamb replied, “Exactly! Moreover, he also gives us a place to stay.”

Rabbit became really shocked this time. He had never heard of such a thing. He always had to make big efforts to find food and work to find a place to shelter. Even for those two things he often had to fight with his fellow rabbits or other animals.

While eating the lambs’ dishes, the rabbit thought about living around the farmhouse. “That wooden box at the corner of the cage seems to fit my nest, I want to be like you two, get all the food without working,” said the rabbit answered with bleats of the lambs.

Everything worked well. The farmer gave him food he wanted without ever working. The wooden box that he occupied was always kept clean by the farmer, and even equipped with a key to keep his safety. He grew into a fat and lazy rabbit then.

Until one day he heard the farmer’s wife say that their family would come over for a visit and how splendid it would be if there was a roasted rabbit for dinner. Hearing that, the rabbit was shocked and decided to escape the farm and get back to live free in the wild.

But when he tried to jump, he realized that he had actually been trapped. He was not as agile as he used to be, even he found himself growing too fat and lazy. Finally on the day the farmer gathered around with the big family, they sat together surrounding a huge and savory roasted rabbit completing the other delicacies.

A wisdom can we have? When we give up on a challenge in seek of the comfort of life, we may be giving up our freedom. Avoid the word surrender in trying, so we will not regret it after everything has passed and there is no chance that comes twice.

Remember, there’s always a free slice of cheese in a rat trap.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


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