A Grandpa Success? Why Not

Who says success can only be achieved in a productive age? Being old is not a barrier to starting a stage of success. We can follow the example of Colonel Harland Sanders. Who is he? Surely many are familiar with this elderly man from the U.S. Yes, he was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the famous fried chicken fast food restaurant.

Colonel Sanders was a retired army man. When he retired, he did not have resources of wealth and savings that could be counted on to meet the needs of his old age. His only ability was to make fried chicken. He then made a recipe of fried chicken and offered it to restaurants around.

Unfortunately, none of the restaurants would like to accept Sandersโ€™ recipes. After trying hundreds of times tirelessly from one restaurant to another, finally there was one that would accept the recipe. And now everyone in every corner of the world knows KFC with Colonel Sanders image as its brand image.

It seems there are not many old people who have Spartan spirits to START a business to succeed. Colonel Sanders is just an ‘extreme example’ of how old age still has something to do with success. We are not so old as Colonel Sanders. So, we can certainly do the same as him.

He could. We can. If we want. Well, for those who want to revolutionize themselves, let us imitate this grandpa.


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