Work-Life Balance

A New World of Mine

I’ve heard for long about work-life balance. It’s been a dream for an office worker like me to have a fair time in my daily life, along with my family, of course. There’s a time for work at office, while other ones for spending with my kids, religious and spiritual part, and even me-time.

All this time I found that work-life balance has only remained a daydream, or a utopia – you can say that. For in fact, the working style of modern people in big companies and big cities, furnished with constant high pressures, has led to being a determinant factor in washing away the true meaning of work-life balance itself.

Up to the end of last year, I kept being away from it, even almost got rid of it. Until then a ‘hope’ rose –I was still standing on a wait-and-see position until it would come up to be a REAL HOPE, as the Senior Vice President of our bank’s headquarters proclaimed a new policy starting this year concerning the balance of work and life, that we should proceed managing the working hours to be finished at 5 pm (Yay, long to hear this!). With one condition, working effectively and efficiently, by all means. At the lower hierarchical line management, my Branch Manager admitted that he hadn’t succeeded setting up the work-life balance circumstances during his active assignment period.

However, in my opinion, I have found something different from what I’ve been through all this time. Remember, I’m new to this office. I’ve just moved to out of town -a smaller one- for a new assignment. Just because I’m living in a small town, I guess, I’m having the opportunities to feel a less rapidly beating ‘heart’ of the town. Furthermore, I can feel a friendly and warm relationship among workmates as well as upper line managers, to each other. We also organize a routine informal spiritual-raising assembly that I find very essential to bolster the attainment of work-life balance. Well, it feels like a new world for me.

On the other hand, one might question me: “So you now have the work-life balance for your personal life. What about your family? You are living separately, right?” Well all I can answer is arise a deep apprehension about this situation alongside with my family. We try to get to our feet with this work-life balance situation on a different point of view. Ever so, we are consequently encouraging a ‘remote’ work-life balance. It should comprise the bonding of three elements: me, my wife, and my kids. In practice, my wife is assigning the function as a Teacher for my kids, with direct attachment to kids everyday. On the other hand, I am assigning the function as a Principal, who sets up the guidelines and ensures the supervisory role on them.

Well, changes in life happen to anyone of us. In fact we are frequently exposed to facing the situations with open mind. As long as we keep up a good faith, life is on the way to be made simple for us.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


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