Blessings in Our Gains

In our daily life, we might have met a man whose small income in return for his work, but his children could reach higher education. They could afford to enroll to college. They are happy, have no debts, and really enjoy life.

On the contrary, there was another man who had been knuckling down, leaving home early in the morning and returning late at night, but his life was felt far from sufficient. Debts were kept outstanding and not likely to get  paid off. Problems in life overwhelmed never-ending.

Why did it happen? The first man is blessed with all he gains, while the latter the blessing in what he gains is revoked by the Supreme Giver of Sustenance. Plenty of wealth but not blessed will make life always get persisted with difficulties. Should we not have abundant wealth? Of course you can. But make sure it’s blessed.

How are our gains supposed to be blessed? First, make sure that the return for our work is raised truthfully! Make sure we work in a lawful place and how to get it is also lawful. Stay away from cheats when doing business. Avoid giving and taking bribes. Never take what is not our right.

Second, our efforts are not destructive-kind. Here, destroying not only means destroying human life, but also the universe. Is there a kind of destructive business? We got plenty. For example, making and selling food products containing preservatives and ingredients that could damage health, making and selling immoral images and videos, buying and selling drugs.

Third, put aside a little part of our income for others in need. In every net asset we obtain, there is other people’s rights. Give out alms or charity. In addition to cleansing our gains, it also has the opportunity to save our afterlife. Let’s try to be ashamed having abundant savings while our brothers and neighbors still have a lot of hard life.

In business and work, we do not only pursue abundant wealth, but also blessings. Because, the blessing of our gains will make us happy, a calm life, easy to solve problems, solemn in our worship, have a harmonious family, and have a more sweet life.

Do not believe it? Just give it a shot.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


  • janna

    agreed, people should think about how their actions affect others and not just act selfishly. important advice in a bleak news cycle like the one we are experiencing today.

  • Mahima

    It’s true we never take out time to be thankful for those things that we gain in the course of the work we do. Neither do we put aside resources to help those less fortunate. Very thought provoking.

  • Marja

    Of course I believe this is possible! 😊 Many exemples are around us, but our focus is on the negative, so we don’t see the positive ones. But, we must first do the inner work as an individuals.

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