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Dad is 50 Miles Away

It’s been three weeks long I haven’t got in touch with my blog since the last time I posted my story. There was one thing that got me to pay a full attention and distracted me from my blogging activity. Yeah, the bank I work for had assigned me to a new place out of my town. So I had to prepare things I needed for my moving to my new office.

I moved to a smaller town than the one I have been living in all the time, my home town. It’s not so far away indeed which is only about 80 km away (50 miles) and takes me two-hour trip by car or bus. It’s okay if I get home everyday against that distance. However, I decided to stay in the town during my working days and so I have to rent a boarding room for this. At the beginning of weekend I’ll get home and get back to work on Monday at dawn, early in the morning.

What does it take for this all? Within the situation and decision I had taken, I will have to leave my family and everyday life we used to undergo together. From this time on, I am having no more my wife prepare my breakfast and a cup of coffee in the morning before I get to work, and a dinner as I get home in the evening. My kids are as well seeing me no more wake them up every morning, send them to school by a scooter passing through green rice fields lied outward to the horizon with so many living creatures along the way. They asked about this and that at everything they saw along the way. They had actually been learning about life just on the way to school.

So, is it a ‘loss’ or a setback for me? Well I’d like to say no. I’d rather overlook it from different point of view. I guess it’s not as bad as it was cracked up to be. Even, I can get it beneficial. By staying separated, these are what I’m hoping to reach out:

Keep the feelings with my wife staying aflame

Can you imagine that staying away from each other will give us opportunities to strengthen the bond of one another? We’ll have to realize what are to do and what are not to do. It’s about trust and belief to keep up while we’re away.

Grow the kids self-determining

Kids might lose things we used to do together, even every single little thing. They could be so sad losing them, and I can see it. But someday they will understand about this circumstance. They will have to learn to stand on their own without dad being around every time. When finding problems, they will have to find out a way to resolve and keep their feet back on the ground. It’s not just about surviving the game. But more over, it’s about succeeding living a sustainable life for their future.

Well, I believe this is such a way of life given to me and my family. I may be unable to have some times with them, but I will have valuable opportunities to let them grow stronger while I’m watching them grow up and grow up.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


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