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Health, A Blessing Money just Can’t Buy

Be grateful. One meaningful word of invitation that has a very deep value. Not eroded by the time to always be echoed. Why? Because it is divine, it has something to do with God. Yes, there is so much blessing that has been bestowed upon us. We need not mention one by one because we will not be able to count them. All we have to do is give thanks.

What do you think we should be most grateful for? At least there is one that has a direct relevance to the steps of our lives day by day? How about WEALTH? Well, nothing wrong with it. Wealth is counted as the grace to be grateful for. With wealth, we can help others.

The best of men are those who are rich and devoted. But it is important to remember, wealth might also lead us to the door of the wrath of God when we LOVE it too much deep away, not are GRATEFUL for it.

But is it true that wealth is the favor we should most be grateful for? Wealth is priceless. But is the most priceless one given to us? Now if I now mention the word HEALTH, do you agree if health is a much more priceless favor?

We often do not realize it, you know. When we are not sick we are rarely be grateful that we are indeed enjoying the favor of health. Nothing we feel so special. The more rarely we get sick, the more ‘nothing-to-talk-about’ we react to it. We don’t realize that it means the longer we feel the favor of health. On the other hand, we often frown on those that we think we have been given less blessings by God. Why could it be like this? Because wealth is the one thing to keep an eye on.

Well, if we came to getting sick, we would just have realized that health is a priceless blessing. When we catch get flu just, it feels like the whole body falling out. When we catch toothache, it feels pains spreading everywhere. Just realized that being healthy is so expensive, that money just can’t buy.

It’s just about a common illness. What if we talk about illness of  ‘heavyweight class’? I have a cousin. He’s a year older ahead of me. Last year he was still in fit condition, healthy as he could be. Recently his doctor told him a bad news that he had been having an acute liver cancer inside his body. Now, his body is like bones covered with skins. Helpless and unable to make a living. His days are spent with getting in and out of the hospital. While at home, there live his wive and three children to struggle for life.

Now it’s just understood that health is very expensive. We may be rich, that we can buy anything on this earth. But can we buy health? We can go to the best doctors and hospitals in Singapore, Australia, China, and even Germany. But is there any guarantee we will recover? If so, thank God. Otherwise, it means healthy can’t be bought with money.

Let’s be grateful for our health.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


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