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Holiday is Coming

Hello to all super dads! School holiday is coming. Don’t have yet any holiday ideas? No worries. How about taking kids to positive activities to make them feel happy. Here are some ideas for kids’ holiday. Let’s check them out!

You know, dads have important roles for their children. All of kids will learn or imitate their dads and moms. So, as a parent you must do positive things to teach the children. Usually, dads do their works to earn a living but they often don’t have much time with their families. As a dad, you should have free time for kids’ holiday. You can do some positive activities such as:

Make creative games

We know that kids love to play games. Games will engage them to have spirit in doing something. You can involve kids doing games for their holiday. You can play with your wife and your kids in the house. Make the games as creative as possible.

The games can be a water gun, hide-and-seek, and guessing pictures shown by dad. All family members are involved in the games. Playing games will make your mind fresh and it can make the bonding in the family much stronger. In the end, your children will enjoy the games


Kids also like to play in wide areas. Ask them to plant flowers, sweep the ground, and water the flowers. They will learn about gardening as they will know about the names of the trees, plants, and flowers. It is such an outdoor learning guided by dad.

Visit vacation spots

It’s great to ask the kids which places they want to visit: temple, zoo, or museum. By visiting these places, kids will add some knowledge about the information included within. They can learn not only from the school.


Camping is not always in the forest. Try to build a mini camp in your house or your yard. If you don’t have yard, you can camp inside the house. When you and your kids do the camping, they will learn about cooperation and problem solving. Ask them a help to build a camp or manage the needs.

Then go for it taking your kids to a great vacation. All of the activities are very useful for them. They will get a real fun holiday and gain some experiences. You should know that your time is very valuable for them. So, make a quality time and be a great dad for your kids.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


  • twinklersinmyeyes

    Oh, I remember when I was a kid, my parents make me and my brother joined all the sports clubs in the nearby sports university and whenever they have time, they use to take us to camping to some exciting new places. I still remember we use to make team and play volleyball and badminton, i want to relive my childhood again.

  • D

    Great ideas and most of these adapt to mothers, fathers, aunties and uncles and even grandparents. Being an aunty and a godmother and not having any children of my own sometimes makes it difficult as to what to do to keep them occupied while I have them for a visit. Thank you for these ideas.

    D, xo || from

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