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I See that Good Thing, Dad

In the phase of rapidly growing mental, emotional, and psychological aspects, a son goes out by igniting his eyes on his dad. All his dad’s behavior, gestures, speeches, and habits are likely the things to be absorbed into his mind, even planted for the longest period of his whole life.

A dad must be aware and alert for this circumstance. Take a good planning before going out for an act. However it is nothing to worry about. This could indeed be the golden moment to disburse good values to his son. Moreover, in the long run it will strengthen the relationship between dad and son.

I have a little experience relating to this issue. Last week I took along my son to a shopping center seeking some clothes for him. Well, I found it hard to believe seeing my almost 7-year-old boy is growing and growing, so he has got to leave his old clothes behind for the new-size ones.

As I chose some dresses and trousers that met his taste, we headed to fitting room to see if he fit them. As we finished fitting, I accidentally saw a cell phone in the fitting room next to ours. I knew someone must have left it behind unintentionally as they might have as well been absorbed in fitting their new dresses. What I did then was hand it over and I continued walking with the cell phone in my hand.

I exactly knew that my boy kept an eye on what I was doing, and at this point I could feel he was wondering –or anxious- if I would have slipped the cell phone into my pocket. Well, you know, I would by no means do such a thing. I then came over a salesgirl to whom I handed the phone over her. She said thank you.

My boy stared at me with a keen look and spontaneously raised his thumb up and said, “Dad, you’re great”. I pretended I just didn’t see him and hear what he said. All I meant was he would embrace his new experience into his under conscious mind that would plant in his brain all his life.

Dad’s Strong Influence

A son learns about what he is going to first and foremost by watching his dad. A dad’s influence on his son’s personal maturity is often concealed but on the other hand existent. What the influence is like will remarkably shape the young man’s personality. It’s our choice, will we let the son learn about respect, or disrespect.

Role Model

As the young man watches his dad in action, he learns what being a man is all about. Dad needs to reveal devotion, sacrifice, self-control, and trustworthiness that will make the son the kind of man we expect him to be.


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