Jack Welch, a Down-to-Earth Boss

Jack Welch is the most admired CEO by other CEO’s in the world. Their minds always refer to Jack Welch when it comes to the question: who is the best CEO in the world. What Jack Welch did in the 1980’s is actually rarely done by other CEO’s in most giant companies until nowadays.

The CEO’s in large companies generally control theirs from the headquarters. Jack is different. He had been the most important person. However, much of his time had been spent with a direct going from top to down to his employees.

He never stopped moving from one factory to another factory listening to his employees. He was also not ashamed to go down and learn from his employees, discuss, and get solutions from them.

A high-ranked person often feels averse to go down. The most likely thing to be done is get supplied with reports from the directors who surround him. In fact, there are many opportunities that can be availed by going down to ‘lower ground’.

Jack is a kind of dad! Wish I could be like a dad who has the passion to get down on earth with his kids understanding and filling their hearts with love they need. Eager on going down, digging into their problems, learning with them, and getting a solution from them.

Never fear going down the mountain. Jack Welch did it!

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