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Jogging = Invest

The most common problem most office workers cope with is lack of physical exercises. Just like me. Routine work bringing about departing in the morning and returning in the evening has left me exhausted. I can feel the blood circulation in my body goes unsmooth. All I have with this flesh is nothing but indolence.

I know that the solution is exercise. Just name it jogging, that simple. Just grab some sneakers and do a slight running around the routes in your residence area for half an hour or slightly extended. Body sweats, heart and other organs are all shook up, and blood circulation goes so smooth. If this is regularly managed on a schedule -at least once a week at weekend when busy work is the reason- it will deliver a quite good effect for health, rather than no exercise at all.

That’s the theory. Yes, it’s all that. In practice, it’s not so smooth as it was cracked up to be. The reason is, you know it, the sluggishness. I keep looking for a justification: sleeping too late at night that retains me to be sleepy in the morning. Also, I always look for a scapegoat. Yeah, rainy days. You can guess, it ends up with nothing. And it’s likely to get me another regret for losing another weekend for jogging.

In fact, last year I had bought a pair of running shoes of my favourite brand. The aim was indeed to encourage my enthusiasm in  exercise. But those shoes have remained useless till now. They were just moved from the storefront in the store to the shoe rack in my house. It has been so hard to beat this kind of sluggishness though it looks quite trivial. So I let go every weekend with repentance afterwards.

However, unexpected things often create different results. The last Sunday morning when I had put the blame on the office occasion all day long on Saturday that had made me lost the opportunity to have a jogging, I suddenly had Attar, my youngest kid, come by. The 6-year-old boy asked me to come with him to the park. “I’d ride on my bike, and you run by my side,” he said.

Gosh, it would be the last thing on my mind since I had myself stuck in front of the television watching my favourite channel. But he kept insisting that I accompany him. A moment later, I got up and spontaneously thought: this is it! Would my boy’s request still mean nothing to me to break my sluggishness? And, I grabbed the shoes that seemed to have been tired of waiting for me to put them on.

At least it worked. Wish this would have been an encouragement to the upcoming weeks. I actually always thought of the message about “10 Good Deeds” run on a television station. One of the ten good deeds was: “Work out how busy we are”.

Even though I had the benefit of health insurance facilities from the company where I work, it would be much better for us to prioritize the preventive rather than the curative one. So, I don’t think it wrong when I say an exercise is such an investment for our health.

I choose jogging since it is CHEAP.

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