King of Bloopers

Is there any of basketball fans who doesn’t recognize Michael Jordan? This guy has remarkably been distinguished as the greatest basketball player for all the time. When in the glorious periods with Chicago Bulls in the era of 1990’s, Jordan had again and again helped Bulls embrace the NBA champions rings – of American basketball competition which has been the most famous one in the world. His breakthroughs had even flown up in the air as a legend. Moreover, he was crowned the richest basketball player.

Anyway, do you ever have any idea about what this 198-centimeter-tall guy said in a television interview?

“I had been counted on for more than 3000 times throwing the ball into the basket, but I did fail to accomplish. In counts 26 consignments of my last shots screwed up. Even more, I had contributed as many 300 counts as for my team losing the games.”

Just imagine, one Michael Jordan who always clung to success had overwhelmingly come up with tons of bloopers in his life. That’s exactly what made him succeed!


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