Love the Hardship

Adam Guettel was a successful young man who raised musical theater. He had a remarkable talent in theater. Everyone praised his prowess and many magazines praised him as a genius boy. At the tender age of thirteen, Adam had been predicted to sparkle as a television star.

Unexpectedly, he just resigned himself from the opera soloist and said that his voice had been broken. In fact, what really happened was that he was scared because he could not bear the pressures being a very popular one.

“I pretended my voice had changed,” he admitted as he turned to music composer later.

Many people love problems as they have got them through. But when it comes to other, more difficult issues, they again assume that the problem is something unpleasant. They are better off from these difficulties for fear of turning people’s views of success into unsuccessful.

Many of us may have successfully run a certain job, but are afraid to run their own businesses for fear of being labeled a failure, for example. Why? Because we have got ourselves in advance scared of seeing the difficult problems that we’ll soon face. In fact, just like the success that has been achieved now, when the success comes we will love that difficult problem we submitted ourselves to before.


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