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Mom is the Teacher at Home

Recently, my wife supposed to get back to work (again). Come on my Dear, please don’t start it again. Think about the kids…

As I was expecting the final decision of my assignment to new office out of town –and then I got in charge at the beginning of this year, my wife coincidentally quit her job five months beforehand. This made a joy happen to our kids. Finally, they had their mom stick around after having been left alone everyday as their mom had to hang around in ‘diaspora’ working at office for mostly overtimes, and for years –do you believe that? It was not a problem when kids were toddlers. But as they grow, they will essentially need their mom’s presence everyday.

Three months elapsed after leaving the job, my wife asked for my consent if she could grab a new office job as she was offered one by an owner of a local micro-lending bank. She underlined that it was a part-time job. I agreed with one condition: kids on top priority. She took it out. She left the office as kids finished up the school hours. Though a retention was shouted by kids at the outset, my wife had succeeded doing away with it as she proved managing the time for kids and work in balance.

That part-time job was accomplished this month. However not for long afterward, she considered having another job. I shouted for a no. However I was not so worried about it indeed. All I needed to do is convince her about her truly role as a mom, and furthermore, a teacher for kids at home. In the context of fostering kids in a family, I believe, mom is the ‘first school’ for children. A mom’s role as a teacher in school (family) is to provide a comfort for the kids so that the students feel soothed and happily cling to their teacher. Being a place to study about life, to ask and explore, to talk with when students feel tumbled and insecure.

And the grand role of a teacher mom is to give meaningful values out that kids will find the opportunities to learn about life, to be resilient ones facing many kinds of challenges in the future time.

I was happy to have my wife get along with me. And in appreciating her understanding me, I will ensure myself to support her with my role as a dad, as the Principal. For I think it’s not fair to let my wife struggle alone carrying out her part as the teacher. I am sure I will have to play my part as well as the Principal to reach out the goals of looking after our kids in our little family school.

I will share my opinion how to be the Principal at home on my upcoming story 🙂

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