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Morsels of Life

There are some pieces of little things of my past which are still kept in my mind. Very clearly recorded so that I can easily replay them. Somewhat, little things that are not useful to others, even to myself. However, they are meaningful, especially for me personally.

How is the meaningful value supposed to be? Let me tell you, when I’m turning out with the little things, my mind will right away jump to the future, many years from now. I imagine if in the future I will suddenly remember what I am experiencing at that future time, or may feel a kind of déjà vu, I will know how to ‘evaluate’ what changes will have been experienced in my life throughout that range of time. Consider it a personal reflection of mine.

As the Reader’s Digest magazine had a section titled Morsels of Life, I have as well splinters of the stories I have ever experienced. There are actually a lot ones, but I’ll try to share just a few that I can recall most, in line with the situation I was experiencing at that time:

Amusement park jingle

When I was a kid my dad often got me alongside with him to the most popular amusement park in Surabaya –my hometown- at that time, namely Taman Remaja Surabaya (TRS) –Surabaya Youngsters’ Park. Many children’s games such as carousel, mini train, arcade games, and others inside. The typical jingle of an amusement park was I remembered most.

Last year I went back to that place. Things stayed the same as they were before, with rejuvenation of physical assets at here and there, of course. When the same old jingle was played up in the air throughout the park, I suddenly felt the romance of my childhood as it was long time ago, even though things were not so beautiful as before. Well, time had indeed changed everything. At that time I was in my father’s lap, while now I’m in the park with my kid in my lap.

Swinger game at Taman Remaja Surabaya (photo:
Swinger game at Taman Remaja Surabaya (photo:


The 80’s daydream

I loved the song ‘Isabella’ of a Malaysian rock band, Search, from the first time it hit Indonesia’s music sphere. I sang the song every time. Moreover, I used to some times draw Search’s logo which looked like that of Van Hallen’s on my books (I was at elementary school). My teacher caught me and punished me drawing the logo at big size on the black board, in front of the class. What a shame.. Over three decades passed. Isabella reappeared. But this time it was a remake by ST12, an Indonesian pop-rock band. Ah, that memory came to replaying.

"Search" hit Indonesia in 1980's (photo:
“Search” hit Indonesia in 1980’s (photo:


I-hate-kids period

I used to have an aversion to kids. In my eyes, kids were always fussy, annoying, irritating, and attention-seeking (are you crazy? It’s kids’ nature!). I often pinched my sister’s arm rudely when she was toddler ‘till her arm turned to black. As I recall it now I feel so sorry (sigh). Forgive me, Sister..

That inappropriate behavior began to fade as I graduated from college. I might have come to a thinking that it had been imminent for me to make a family. Now I have two kids, and I love them so much. Not only to my own kids, many other ones say I’m amiable to them 😀

The Beatles song reminder

I began to be a fan of the Beatles when I was at high school. There was a song so catchy for me from the very start I knew this legendary band: When I’m Sixty Four. The Beatles personnel had the same age as my dad. They were born in 1941 in average. At that time my dad was about 50 years old, and I was thinking, “How will my dad be at the age of 64 years later?” In 2005, precisely at my dad’s 64th anniversary. I never thought in that number my dad passed away 🙁



New Kids on the Block fever

The boy band from Boston (USA) colored my teenage time so much. My style when I was at junior high and high school adopted the NKOTB style so bad, from haircuts, T-shirts, jeans, and Adidas sneakers. At that time the famous five of NKOTB were so cute (like me). But now, I can’t believe to find them close to 50’s..

This is one of my favourite NKOTB photo sessions. Taken in 1989 (photo:
This is one of my favourite NKOTB photo sessions. Taken in 1989 (photo:

Well, that’s my morsels of life. Splinters and fragments of a life in the past. Those little things that happened that time begin to rise a meaningful value now. Time went by up to where I stand on my own now. Where were the bygones to, and where will I go to. More or less they may be so priceless for the reflection of my life.


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