Out of Dividing Walls

Harry Houdini is a legendary magician who was very famous for his ability to escape from the chains that wrapped around his body. Though his body was thrown into a box full of water, he was able to escape. When the chains had tied him up and he was all the way to be thrown into a box of water, Houdini always pretended to fall to show how hard the struggle would be.

His wife then helped lift his body. “My wife does not come around each time  I do this, but she still loves me,” said the man whose real name is Ehrich Weisz, an Asto-Hungarian-born American.

Thereafter, his body soon was thrown into a box of water. Before long, he came out to the surface with the chains loose.

Actually, what made Houdini so great did not lie in his ingenuity. It was his brain that was always working hard to rid himself of the chain ties and out of the water box to be reunited with her beloved wife.

Well, how many of us are afraid of getting out of the walls that limit our potential? Get out of the dividing walls and meet the people out there who are ready to give us a chance to reach our goals!


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