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Parents are to Keep Learning too

As my kids are growing up, I once ever thought that I have come up to be a complete parent. My experiences in raising my kids –alongside with my wife, of course- for my ten and six-year-old kids had led to bringing me out as a perfect parent, I thought.

But I then found I was wrong. Now I realize that there’s no limit of time for parents to keep learning in guiding and keeping an eye on their children, following each stage of their life.

This is one priceless moment that opened my eyes how I should realize that a parent is a never-ending learner.

Three days ago, on one national holiday, I and my wife got along with our kids on a grand event held by the school named the Entrepreneur Day. An associate event was also held within, the final show of the school’s talent contest presenting six qualified performers: traditional dancer, comic drawer, solo singer, duet singers, stand-up comedy performance, and piano performance. The latter was pointed to my daughter 😊 She would play a medley music compiling some classic pieces of art.

Concisely, it was time to announce who would be the winners. My daughter and the traditional dancer stayed remained to the Big Two. Yeah, just one of them would be awarded the first winner! In this situation, I had a quite big confidence that my kid would grab the best place.  “And this is it! The first winner of the school’s talent contest of the year is proudly awarded to….. The Traditional Dancer!”

“What? This can’t be! My kid has gone through the same event for three consecutive years, and this one should be her time to grab the first place. But now she was just outstripped by a new comer who is just assigned in first grade!” I complained, but only to myself. This should be the time, but it’s gone…

Oh my God, what in the world’s with me? How could I have such a thinking? What kind of parent am I? I just felt like awakening from my sleep. “I’m a dad. How would I be a good model for my kids with this rubbish frame of thought?” I yelled in silence to myself.

Well, this is the ultimate threshold. After a few moment struggling with my mind, I came up puzzling this out:

Gave respect to rival

As the winner’s parents were cheering hooray, I walked on towards and shook their hands with a  felicitation. With a smile, a true one. They looked surprised and replied to me in happiness. Do you believe it? After doing this, I felt my feelings so much appeased.

Appreciated my struggler kid

As my daughter got down the stage, I gave her a tight hug and thanked her for the best effort so that she got rewarded the runner-up winner. I just came to realize that it was not that bad indeed. It was the bless for the time being. We’ve got a lesson that a success will always have us work and practice hard to gain it.

Up to now as I am writing down this story, I am feeling so much grateful with this valuable new experience that let me get the opportunities to comprehend the role of parents that will be endless and sustainable to always learn along with the growth of our children. It’s definitely a never-ending learning. The limit is only the sky.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.

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