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Raising Kids for Entrepreneurship

2016-10-12-17-18-25When I was 10 years old –equals to my daughter’s age by the end of this year- I began to have an interest in getting acquainted with what is called Entrepreneurship. Creating some hand-made paper bookmarks and selling them to friends were really something amazing. Earning money at an elementary school stage was unbelievable.

No! No! No! My (late) dad blew the whistle and took it as an objection. Earning money at an elementary school age, also to say at a very young age, was likely a slap on a dad’s face. “All you have to do is study good! To earn our living is absolutely my part!” Dad remarked.

Well, that surely became a psychological constraint which had kept flowing over upcoming years later.


Now is your time, Kids!

Time elapsed, world changed. Not like father, not like children. Rasha, my daughter, is having this situation the other way around. Her school seems clearly to develop an entrepreneurial program for the students. Rasha and her friends are systematically encouraged to get and practise their entrepreneur skills.

The Entrepreneurship Theme which has been installed in the school’s curriculum, alongside of the other themes, is the most expected by students. Kids are free to express (and learn) the new thing they might have never imagined it was so hard to do at their parents’ young age. With this program, kids learn to prepare stuff to be traded, get insight of the trade process, and in turn get money as the result for their efforts, in a fun way.

In fact, this entrepreneurial introduction has brought about habitual manner to kids. Outside the school’s program, they may have a new mindset vested by the experiences. A desire to practise make-and-sell products hangs over minds and this has got to be disbursed into real action. Rasha is one doing this, her way. Creativity is attracted and new ideas are coming to what’s next to be conveyed for selling. Long time ago I was mad about puchasing name label stickers for my pleasure, while my kid is now thinking about creating and selling the same items. Never imagined that!

Well, letting the entrepreneurship habits get in children’s way is one kind of outside-the-box thinking ever, for this could be very distinctive to them. The goal is clear, helping kids grow up to build thriving businesses. It is good to teach those young guys about financial management, business planning, cash flow, and characteristics they need to learn concerning entrepreneurship.

Don’t you think it’s too early to get the kids into this? Well, let’s not think that our children are too young since abundant benefits are up in the air to having our kids signed up in this type of field at an early age.

Attar –Rasha’s younger brother- just came over all the way. “Dad, I also want to sell something to my friends, just like sister does. Get me in, please…”


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