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Ramadhan Fasting Completion

Ramadhan has just slipped away, I’ve got through the righteous month away from home, and Rasha –my daughter- made a significant improvement of her Ramadhan good deeds. Well, those brought about a coincidence that seemed to have made my feet so light to step for the upcoming days, and I do hope this would be keeping so.

Indeed, the focal point of this situation was what Rasha reached out during Ramadhan. As all Muslims should do in this kind of honorable month, Rasha has made a good step in her fasting deed learning. Yeah, she’s only 10-year-old and in 4th grade of elementary school girl and yet to be compelled with Ramadhan’s formal and comprehensive obligation. However, she’s been good in retaining herself from eating and drinking as the essentials of fasting practices. Carrying out such an execution is quite hard for a kid of that age. But she did.

Seemed to be easy? Not really. The childish nature of a ten-year-old kid came up to be so-called handicap, and this could get in the way of the fasting course of action. So what made her on the right track? It was distinctively the school that held a prominent role in developing discipline process for the students. The school created a method that helped students manage their time systematically in performing the fasting activities: a scoreboard comprising major activities adherent to Ramadhan activities like the fasting itself (absence of eating and drinking from dawn to sunset), sahur (eating and drinking before dawn as preparation for fasting for the whole day), shalat (praying five times a day), holy scripture recitation, and good deeds performed.

This kind of method has succeeded in raising the students’ discipline as it maintained a sense of comparison amongst students. One would feel ‘uncomforted’ finding other students accomplish more tasks than he/she did, so all of them would compete in a positive way.

As I said I’ve got through the righteous month away from home, what did it have something to do with? Well, a remote dad could actually play an important role in ruling his family with these kinds of good deeds -some applied in me and some other may be dreamed of 😀

Fidelity behavior. Kids should see their dad taking the lead as a spiritual guide within the faith tradition. Reading scripture or sacred texts together with kids can be a way to promote them to go along with your paradigm.  Start early by praying with your kids before they go to bed at night; this will let them know that prayer is an important part of their spiritual life.

Attend mosque regularly. Five times daily mosque attendance –especially right away on a prayer call- has been a long family tradition. When we go to mosque together as a family, we set up a blueprint which our children can hold and accept. When dad is involved and engaged at mosque, our kids get consent to do the same.

Focus on the spiritual. Wayne Parker, a fatherhood expert, says that guiding kids to be planted into spiritual realm is an important role for a dad, helping kids understand the deeper meaning of life. As kids get in tune with God, nature, and themselves, they will have a pattern in their life that will help them endure hardship and thrive personally. Dad can have these conversations with his kids in a natural way as they share thoughts and feelings about life and spiritual things.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.

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