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Rookie Swimmer Boy

Attar –my son- loves to go to swimming pools. Each time when we had weekend out of town, he always picked the pool checking the first thing. No matter we got ourselves tired after a long trip and just checked in, he always rumbled along the hotel’s alleyways and got set with his swimming suit.

Hmm.. he must be good at swimming? To be true, not really 😀

Contrary to his big crazes at the pre-swimming actions, he came up to showing no guts as he stepped on the poolside. All ablaze passions vanished, and the boy who had just celebrated his 7th birthday last week was likely to look like a little chicken 😀 What he did then was no more than just sitting at the poolside and dipping his feet into water.

That’s why I didn’t pay attention too much when he told me he would join the school’s swimming lesson on Wednesday, three days ago. “Another same old show is on the way,” I thought.

What took place then was something that ‘shocked’ me a bit. I could hardly believe my eyes when my wife sent me by WhatsApp photos of Attar in action swimming. He had his head under the water and smiled as if it was outside with the fresh air. Take a look at these photos. Attar wears the red-necked black suit.

Well, that’s good, my boy! While daddy was around you messed up with your swimming. The other way around while daddy was out you did the great job!! Of course. Daddy is definitely not the one you can count on in swimming stuff. Yes, I’m telling you that I can’t swim! I know that’s quite embarassing 😀

So how did Attar make it up? If you notice the first photo, there’s a man tied in with my boy in the water. That’s his teacher. Not swimming teacher, but Master of the Class at school.

This is another focal point of this story. I can overlook how teachers who engage with our kids in half a portion of parents’ in daily life take the magnificient job in helping guide, polish the intellectual capability, develop the character building, and take care of our children. Teachers are the parents at school. That’s why I always remark that my kids respect their teachers. We need many more such teachers with integrity.

And as I’m writing this story on this Saturday morning after coming home from working out of town, Attar comes by and shows up that big stuff. You did the great job, my boy. But remember, you’re just a rookie. You still have a long way to go…

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