Shameful Things can be Controlled

James “Jim” Lawrence Marshall was the defensive player of the Minnesota Vikings, a team of American football, in the 1960’s. He had ever had himself do the most shameful thing in the history of sport, and his life as well.

In a game against the San Francisco 49ers in 1964, he grabbed the ball and ran for a score. The crowd cheered. However, not to give him encouragement, but shouting to him to change his direction. Yes, Jim ran and made a touchdown on the wrong direction. The incident was broadcasted on televisions throughout America.

It was really something that could have ruined his life as a professional sportsman. To Jim, he could have chosen to end his career and then put himself into sanctum, since everyone with whom he encountered surely mocked him. But he didn’t. The other way around, the incident had actually given the man born in 1937 as a momentum to improve.

In the next matches, Jim actually played brilliantly. He even openly admitted that embarrassing experience to everyone. As a result, many were sympathetic and sent him letters about the embarrassing things they had ever made.

Well, we all could have done shameful things just like Jim. It’s just for us to choose, pull ourselves out of the ‘disaster’, or in point of fact make it a power to do much better in the future.

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