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Sound of Silence

The sun is surely sliding away over the horizon. The sky is getting dark going straight down to my surroundings and around. And I’m here alone in my room, away from home. Cricket choirs are singing outside, breaking the silence in the crawling night. I close my eyes just for a while, and then I get them wide opened.

I try to believe what I’m getting on this time. Once I had to move out of my hometown to work, now I am having the opportunity to take my time a little loose –at least I can distinguish the difference with the circumstances I had before.

I know I have to leave my family aside. My wife, my daughter, and my son. Not at every time I can see their faces and hear their voices. The messed-up rooms, oh how I long for. The splatter of water around outside the bathroom, that’s what I was always worried about getting slipped. And the hassle every time I commanded the kids that they practice with the piano.

Though we’re a little bit far apart, however, there’s always a reason to take it a good side. By living separated like this, we have the opportunities to learn that we may have the feelings of bonding to each other. We have more room to miss one another. An attachment amongst the family members would likely raise up while being parted. I know it wouldn’t always come up to every family. But at the very least, I got this shape –and even overwhelming.

I then stop typing on my laptop writing this live story of the silence that surrounds me.

My compatriots –the boys next door, next rooms- suddenly come over in bunch. Humming, laughing, and breaking the silence with which I was getting just more and more intimate…

Well, this is my new world. The delights of away-from-home life. Silence is my closest friend which indeed lets me embrace the beginning of transcendental life, for moreover. For me silence is not likely to be a cancer grows. It whispers at me gently but firmly to reopen my eyes, how I should see the world towards.

It’s also good to call this a kind of work-life balance.

A husband. A dad. A bank worker. Loves to share in writing about the art of being a dad for the kids.


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