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Surprise for Dad

surprise for dad

This is the English version of my previous post about the same story. I found it good to share this trivial moment, but it really meant and squeezed my feelings:

“Surpriiise.. This is for you, Ayah (Dad)..”

It was a greeting from Rasha, my eldest child, when I came home from the office a few days ago. She passed me a flat rectangle-shaped gift wrapped in a yellow paper.

“Wow, for me? Thanks Dear..” I replied while smacking on her cheek. She looked happy to see her father take delivery of the surprise parcel excitedly. Yes, happiness is quite simple. Getting an attention from belated kid is beyond all expressions.

Since it was getting late in the night and I caught myself so tired after struggling with office’s stuff, I decided to keep the parcel in my bag and meant to unwrap it at the office on the next day.

I really felt surprised

At break hour in the office the next day, I pulled out the parcel that Rasha had given the night before. I smiled to see her writing on the yellow wrap paper. She wrote: “For Dad”. What’s more, “Dad Dad Dad Dad” surrounding a flower picture on it as well. Not to forget: “I love you Daddy. You are my hiro (she meant “hero” :D).”

gift wrapped for dadI was wondering what Rasha might have chosen something to give to me. I remembered some moments she came up to me with something in her hands. Usually some poems she made up to express her feeling, a distinctiveness of a child. Or, a letter she wrote to express that she desired to buy or own something but she felt unconvinced to reveal directly to me. Afraid of seeing me unpleasant to her proposal 🙂

However, this one was different. Similar to the shape of a book. I didn’t think it would be one. It wasn’t her way to ever give me a book. Just then, I uncovered the parcel, and… yes it was a book. Really!

I was fully surprised, moreover, to find out what book she presented to me. The book is entitled “Ada Cinta di Dada Ayah” (There’s a Love in Dad’s Heart) written by Suhadi Fadjaray, an education and parenting consultant. What next, I became stumbled and touched. There was a teardrop.

gift for dadHow could it be? Let me tell you, there was indeed a story behind that book. A few months ago I bought the book after getting interested as Suhadi shared a talk about parenting matters at my office. He is often invited by various institutions to share his knowledge about parenting and education for children. Well, we can say as the manifestation of work and life balance, I think.

I showed the book off to Rasha. She seemed impressed with the title. There was likely a chemistry in there. Sad to say, just a few pages I had read, the book was lost somewhere. It might just have been slipped within other stuff in the house, but never been found. I had several times moaned about the missing of the book in front of her. Well, that seemed to have inspired her to buy the same book so that I could continue my reading.

Somehow I wondered how she could get the money to buy that book. Currently I found out that she had it from her grandpa and grandma who had visited our house in previous weeks. The great part was her willingness to put aside some of her money which was quite big amount for a kid at her age, for the sake of pleasing her dad.

Thank you Dear.. I’ll surely read that book ‘til the last page for a great knowledge to raise you and your brother ‘til you two are grown up..

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