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Too Young for School?

Too young and not ready yet for enrolling the Elementary School stage. That’s the fact you can find on Attar, my son. He’s now on the second stage and about to reach 7 years old while he was 5.10 when entering Elementary School. And the other fact is that he has got less satisfying results on some of his evaluative exams. Is this likely to blow my head up? Maybe. But I’d rather get my feet firm on the ground and look ahead.

Some friends and relatives had warned us beforehand about the consequences of enrolling class prior to the standardised age, 7 years old of age. Quite staggering, respective pupil might find himself exhausted of the overburdening level beyond his own nature.

However, I and my wife had gone through with taking many things into account before we decided to get our son in. It comprised some considerations of Attar’s big zeal to step forward and the supporting psychological test that allowed him in with note: determining efforts needed.

So, I will love more when I talk about finding solutions than looking back in vain.

The Other Bright Side

A friend of mine suggested that I afford a tutor for Attar, who would hep him build a stance step-by-step on his academic path. I think that is a good idea, however I am considering having a tutor for him at the last stage of this elementary school as he will have intensive accompaniment by a tutor with the systematic approach and tuition assignments (click here to find a tutor for your child) to prepare for the final examination.

My wife visited the Principal recently –this afternoon, exactly- seeking an opinion from the person concerned and legitimate. And the discussion ended up with constructive resolution. My son is discovered that he can comprehend and keep pace with schooling cadence. Some occasions revealed he reached the results of E (Excellent). The problem is he takes quite long thinking. To my opinion, he’s somewhat awkward in focus and concentration. I understand this for he’s the kinetic kind.

Despite the unstability, Attar has the potential of developing a right-brained shape. As I got him in piano class, he could get along and sustains as of today. I know he’s not born for it, but he will be shaped for it. Practice can make perfect outstripping talent.

And my wife found a ridiculous finding on the discussion: the time-taking thinking of Attar might be derived from lack of proactive attitudes. Oh my, I just came to realize that we have been contributing to this at home. That’s why I called it ridiculous. Yes, ridiculous me! Almost all this time Attar has been indulged with helps from us. Name them: taking a shower, dressing up, undressing, having meals, and some more. That’s why he’s got less inventive upper hand. To me he’s still my little baby boy, while in fact he is in second grade now and will just reach 7 years old on next month, the standard age for enrolling the first grade of Elementary School.

From now on, take this into your mind, my boy: DIY, DIY, do it yourself!

All right, this is all a chance for me and my wife to put things right. The fact is resolving, I’m convinced.

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