We Remember You, Dad

Yesterday was Mother Day. But I’m not telling a story about mum, it’s about remembering my deceased dad instead. It’s been 11 years since my dad passed away. A couple of weeks ago my mum had asked her four children to spend time together at her house to gather around and pray for Dad. Yes, the house where we used to live together. The place where Dad, Mum, my three sisters, and I had spent our full-of-memories past times.

In addition to remembering the decease of Dad, the assembly was intended to celebrate my mum and my sister’s birthdays. My dad died on Dec 20, my mum’s birthday is Dec 20, and my sister’s birthday is Dec 21. And we chose yesterday to mark the three moments. We made up a simple enjoyment. We just got together, had dinner, and prayed. The remembrance of Dad became our main focus. Not surprisingly, to me, many past memories along with Dad reappeared.

Time has gone by so fast. It’s been for 11 years Dad had left us. It feels like only yesterday when we four were fostered by Dad and Mum. It feels like only yesterday when I was swinging to and fro on Dad’s shoulders. It feels like only yesterday when I was playing in the rain and then Dad dragged me home. I struggled against him, cried, and was bullied by my friends watching that ‘show’. Oh my, so embarrassed! It feels like only yesterday when Dad awarded me a Honda GL-Max motorcycle of my dream for I succeeded attending a state university. It feels like only yesterday when I saw Dad smile happily on my wedding day (because I’m the only male among my siblings). And, it feels like only yesterday when seven months forward Dad had gone for good.

As Dad died, I got myself in the doldrums for Dad had gone in the way we never thought before. I got to say goodbye to my dreams that I wanted to make him happy as I was having myself grown up as a man. I wanted to give him as good as I got all the sacrifices and affections from him. I remembered Dad once said that he looked forward to seeing me have my own house and car. In his eyes, that was so satisfying. Almost, I was just close to making real one of his dreams when I and my wife bought a house in the middle of 2005. He was very happy to hear that. The house was then set off for construction right away. I couldn’t really stand having Dad step his feet on it. But fate ruled the other way. Dad in fact would never take a look at the house that I dedicated to him.

One more dream of mine I would never make real is seeing Dad cuddle a grandchild from me, the only son of his. Dad only once won a grandchild, the daughter of my elder sister. I hadn’t had a child when Dad died. Rashaqa, my daughter, was born just exactly one year after Dad had gone. By the way, Rashaqa is going to celebrate her tenth anniversary next week.

Well, ton of memories are likely to come when we remember our beloved ones who have left us forever. It’s Mum now the only parent of mine, whose no less sacrifice and affection to her children. There’s no reason for me now not to bring happiness to Mum, as I can still see her smile up to this minute…

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