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Why a Bum Bag is the Perfect Gift for Your Dad

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad for his next birthday or is it coming up to Father’s Day and your dad really does have enough stocks after all these years?

Then look no further for the perfect gift for your dad – the bum bag!

Really a bum bag? Yes!

Not that your dad is likely to be self conscious about his fashion style or self aware about the latest fashion trends in 2018 but the bum back is well and truly back and better than ever!

Not only that but these four golden reasons will explain why the bum bag is the perfect gift for your dad!

Keep Ya Stuff Safe and Secure

As men we only normally get two side pockets!

We struggle let’s be honest here. The struggle is real!

And not only that, but important things like our phone and wallet often drop out of those pockets!

Or the worst happens and you get pick pocketed when trying to look after the children!

That’s where the bum bag comes into its element! Zips!

Keep your valuables all safe and secure no matter where you’re are or what you might be doing!

Perfect Place to Store Your Essentials!

As a dad you carry a lot of stuff!

A wallet, phone, keys, the rest goes on!

A bum bag is a great way to keep your valuables safe when you are on the move. Why? Carry those essentials everywhere you go in one easy to reach and convenient place!

Handy for Keeping Fit

Heading out for a walk or hike, to the gym or walking the dog?

The bum bag is made for these kind of trips!

Perfect to Keep Kids Happy

Heading out for the day? Shopping? A challenge!

Shopping with the kids?! Even bigger challenge!

Wherever ya heading make sure to take a handy bum bag with you!


Bum bags are so roomy that these can carry all ya stuff and also snacks.

I’m talking snacks here!

Bite size snacks to keep the kids happy on those long shopping trips!!

So that’s it! If that doesn’t sell a bum bag then nothing will!


Dan Elson is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, writer, and traveler of worlds! He writes about the Pursuit of Happiness on his blog and has launched his first online clothing & accessories store inspiring people to Stand Out from the Crowd!


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